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What is bro me?

It means bring it on.
This phrase was created in Second Century AD by a bishop of Smyrna, named Polycarp. It was some of his last words before getting martyred for no renouncing the Christ.

Come at me bro!

Polycarp's last words.

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Bro me - what is it?

A slang term generally used by a confident man of "action" towards some punk ass frontin' bitch, as a direct way of callin their sorry ass out with an invitation to prove their mettle and step up, or GTFO.

It usually follows a heated exchange of verbal insults and/or threats, but can also be instigated by other means (e.g: girlfriend being eyeballed, etc.). Those that use this slang term adhere to the codes of "walking the walk, not just talking the talk", as well as "speak softly and carry a big stick". They generally don't go looking for trouble, but will deal with it without any hesitation or fear.

Hotheaded jerk: I don't like your face, and I'm a be like Dairy Queen and treat yo' hoodrat girlfriend right ALLLLLL NITE! HAHAHA! Damn son, and you just gonna be soft serve! LMAO!"

Icecold: Come at me bro.

*Hotheaded jerk lunges forward*

*Icecold drops Hotheaded jerk with 1 punch to the throat*


Bystander: Hey y'all, let's go get sum Dairy Queen!

Icecold: Aight.

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What does "bro me" mean?

Fight me bro is when someone thinks they are cool and want to challenge others to fight them but the reality is they are stupidly weak lol

Luke:fight me bro

Toby: no

Toby:because secretly you are weak af

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Bro me - what does it mean?

When you want something from a homie, so you ask them to 'sauce me bro. AKA asking them to 'sauce me bro.

Homosapien of the male gender 1: *Has drink in hand*

Homosapien of the male gender 2: Yo 'sauce me bro.

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Bro me - meaning

A phrase popularized by Ronnie from MTV's latest train wreck of a reality show, Jersey Shore.

Guy: (Begins taunting Ronnie)
Ronnie: Come at me bro!
Guy: (more taunting)
Ronnie: No dude, you come at me bro. Hold your girl back and come at me bro!
Guy: (even more taunting)
(Conversation repeats consecutively for the next 5 minutes)
(a fight eventually erupts on the boardwalk)

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Bro me - definition

When one person challenges another individual, usually male, to a 1v1 where each individual fights with no interference. Can also happen in games like Call of Duty.

"1v1 me bro IRL I will wreck you".

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Bro me - slang

what you say at a club or bar to a puffed out chested guy when you need to get through to get to the bar, which is why you are REALLY at the bar cuz you go to the bar to get DRUNK not to pick up gold diggers. ANYWAY- when you need to convey to a potentially trouble causing trendy striped shirt guy that you want to get through in a very non confrentational "im being polite to you so you cant get mad at me" way.. you say "excuse me bro" and they let you through and they have no option but to be polite back. its bar/club ediqette. everyone knows that and if you dont. learn it.

*walking through the bar* 'excuse me bro'- no prob man go ahead. thanks bro.

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Bro me

the line that you say to someone you do not know or barely know in response to them calling you bro. They may think they are cool or are chill and call you a bro. However, by saying don't bro me if you do not know me, you are telling them that he is in fact not a bro and does not have the right to call you a bro. One must understand what a bro is in order to say the line.

Stranger: What up bro?
You: Dude who are you? C'mon man seriously how dare you! Don't bro me if you don't know me.

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Bro me

synonymous with "do me a favor." Used by idiot jocks and frat boys, as well as the nerd and hipster crowds to be ironic.

Frat boy: "Dude, could you brow me a solid and toss me a brew? Thanks Bra."

Nerd: "Hey man, can you bro me a solid?" (weird look) "What?"

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Bro me

Bro Me originated when a group of bros wanted to put their own twist on "Get Me A Beer". Bro Me refers to a bro asking said bro for him to hand him a beer. When said bro receives alcoholic beverage he has been Broed! See Broed for more informatiion.

Bro is walking to the fridge and other bro yells out "Can You Bro Me?"

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