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What is bring bring?

The past tense of "bring" used by people who don't know the word "bought." This is because they use the word "brought" when they actually mean "bought." This phenomenon does not appear to exist outside of Australia and New Zealand.

That new Holden I brought last week just arrived at the dealership yesterday and I just bringed it home this morning.

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Bring bring - what is it?

the action of getting me MY SHIT

bring me my shit, bitch.

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What does "bring bring" mean?

(v) 1. To carry, convey or take to a designated place or person.
(n) 2. A term used by a wordchigger, chiggers/word when referring to a form of currency.

Faive dolla you buy

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Bring bring - what does it mean?

To provide what is needful. To deliver on a promise. To excel. To transcend.

Etymological note: This expression is derived from an apparent typo in a Washington Post column posted by Cindy Boren on February 7, 2011: “If you're going to mess around with the notes and lyrics, you'd better be able to bring the bring the anthem like Marvin Gaye did.”

If you’re going to preach at Abyssinian Baptist Church, you better bring the bring.

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Bring bring

to be prepared in the utmost of ways.

Pedro: Bruh, got some?
Juan: Yeah bruh, I bring. Do you bring?

Pedro: Yeah bruh, I bring too!
Juan: Cool bruh!
Pedro: Cool.

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Bring bring

Used as a direct object that indicates you having something to offer on the table.

Hey, man, if you come to the party you gotta have some bring!

"Yo, I'm coming over."
"Yeahs, man, you can if you got bring!"

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Bring bring

Not a word

I bringed my bike to school

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Bring bring

Cheap jewelery made in China. It's the Asian pronounciation of bling bling.

I'mma be rockin' dat bring bring. Ain't nobody got time for real diamonds. Homie I got bills to pay.

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Bring bring

Used to describe something that is very interesting or curious. If a mandem is chatting bare breeze and u are interested u can use this word. It can and often is used in a sarcastic or sassy way. Used to get the reciever to bring on more infomation about the subject

normal use
'oi blud I banged Karis last night' 'what the fuck, u broke up, that so brings bring'

sassy use
'I have this sick story so I went to the shop and I saw a nun, the end' 'wow, that's so bring bring

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Bring bring

Japanese version of bling bling.

Japanese boy: Check out this diamond, bring bring, no?

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