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What is bread?

another name for money (notes not coins)

"Dude! I just got some more bread today!" =

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Bread - what is it?

A delicious food which is also used as a name

Zane: Wade! That girl, Bread? She really like you!
Wade: Zane, you're a idiot. Bread is a type of food.

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What does "bread" mean?

Bahamian slang for female genital/pussy

John could have seen Anna's fat bread suffocating in her panties.

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Bread - what does it mean?

Often made of flour and water. Many eat it for breakfast and as an accompaning part of a meal. Often eaten with butter, and sometimes cheese on top.

Comes in both darker and lighter models.

Man, I love bread. It's so tasty! Unfortunately it's dry without butter on top, though.

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money; specifically cash carried by a person.

Yo, I'm low on bread foo!

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lets eat bread

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Slang Term in da states for money or cash.

When it comes to gettin bread i got em keys to da bakery.

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it means that you are gay

*comes out of the closet* hey mom i'm bread

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bread is money, to bring in bread is to make money

He's bringin in the bread yo

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Cash, money, paper....etc

I don't pimp hoes for the head, I do it for the bread

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