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What is brain cell?

I have very little of this word up above. I guess I'm special.

"I'm losing brain cells."

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brain cell - video

Brain cell - what is it?

When you go too school and they ask you " what is 3x*9g/7^r.33333333333333333333" then goes over to your desk and says "HURRY UP LARRY THE ANSWER IS DO AT THE END OF CLASS"

Teacher: " what is 3x*9g/7^r.33333333333333333333"

You: Shut up, my one brain cell is working very hard right now!!!

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What does "brain cell" mean?

Any event where you get drunk. I don't mean just drunk. I mean DRUNK. When your common sense and your BAC play a game of chicken, and the common sense loses-drunk.

Also can be used to refer to a party, concert, night or any event where this activity takes place en masse.

Get Todd some aspirin. He committed a pretty hefty brain cell genocide last night.

Tanya's wedding ceremony was beautiful, but the reception was a brain cell genocide. Like, we're talkin' Rwanda-bad. Gray matter holocaust.

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Brain cell - what does it mean?

When sleeping during the night if a guy has an overly intelligent girlfriend it is possible to steal a few brain cells from his girlfriend if their heads are touching each other in just the right way. She will wake up just as intelligent because she has an endless supply of brain cells however the guy will wake up feeling smarter every time. It also helps the transfer if the guy is holding on to her almost like he is trapping her in his arms.

"I feel smarter today. I think that brain cell transfer worked."

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Brain cell - meaning

In stan twitter β€˜losing brain cells’ means: when a person says something so stupid that you automatically lose a brain cell.

Person 1: is the β€œee” in β€œpee” silent?

Person 2: oh my fucking god i just lost my last two brain cells! (i just lost brain cells)

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Brain cell - definition

Useless matter. More useful when replaced with air.

Fuck brain cells, I'm gonna smoke a bowl.

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Brain cell - slang

The cells found in your brain.
aka: what you lose after smoking weed.

Going out to kill some more brain cells.

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Brain cell

The first excuse for parents to think weed is bad. The truth is, however, that weed promotes brain cell growth by increasing the development of stem cells in the brain.

Smoking weed kills your brain cells! That's why you only have straight A minuses!

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Brain cell

Something that you barely have.

You use your brain to think, but u don't have any brain cells, so it's a FUCKIN waste to explain what it FUCK it is you Dildo helicopter.

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Brain cell

While you are reading this you are losing braincells. You should stop... Now

Ryan's Brain Cells were lost in a book accident.. He smacked himself in the head with the book.

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