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What is boyfriend and girlfriend?

An individual that you have a crush on and you creep on in the cafeteria. The Cafeteria Girlfriend/Boyfriend cannot know that you're crushing on them.

Damn my cafeteria girlfriend/boyfriend is looking good at the salad bar today!

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Boyfriend and girlfriend - what is it?

The type of paranoia when you think that things are connected to your girlfriend/boyfriend. You may think that your girlfriend/boyfriend is standing right next to you, or watching you while you are doing something embarrassing.

Jack: "Dude, i think i have girlfriend/boyfriend paranoia, i always think that Samantha is watching me for some reason!"
Daniel: "Damn... that sucks, i remember having that with Katie."

Jessica: "Whats wrong!?"
Lauren: "Ok, this may sound weird, but i think i have girlfriend/boyfriend paranoia!
Jessica: "Whats that?"
Lauren: "Its when you think your boyfriend is watching you."
Jessica: "Oh, that must be scary"

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What does "boyfriend and girlfriend" mean?

When a female or male gets female or male partner and hangs out with them so much that everytime a friend calls there always doing something with their partner and never have time for you. Their partner is included in all their plans and are they are rarely ever away from them. On those very rare times they are away all the do is talk about their partner and even leave early to go see their partner.

You: Hey whats your plans for the night? i felt like i havent seen you in a long time!
your friend: Well i have a movie date then were just going to back to the house. we should meet up another time! ill talk to (their partner) and we will arrange something
You: okay talk to you later ( you not sounding surprised at all ,uttering the words boyfriend girlfriend syndrome)

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Boyfriend and girlfriend - what does it mean?

someone who you previously dated and parted with, only to get back together with later under the assumption they have changed. ie: like a tire being recycled into a playground.

Didn't they break up a year ago? Yea but she/he is his recycled girlfriend/boyfriend now.

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Boyfriend and girlfriend

a person, probably a close friend, who acts like a boyfriend or girlfriend of a closet gay who is afraid to "come out" to his/her family.

josh asked brittany to be his prop girlfriend around his parents because he is afraid of telling them he is gay.

candice asked me to be her prop boyfriend until she tells her parents she is gay.

prop boyfriend/girlfriend

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Boyfriend and girlfriend

Work boyfriend/girlfriend
A colleague — your lunchmate, IM partner, smoking buddy, etc. No sex, though. Platonic.

I told my work boyfriend/girlfriend about the slut in accounting making out with three dudes at happy hour. S/he wasn't surprised.

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Boyfriend and girlfriend

a boy/girl who you have feelings for and he/she has feelings for you and you both know it. You might even go on dates, but for some reason you are not officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Suzy: "Are Rita and Josh going out?"

Brittany: "No, they're not boyfriend/girlfriend."

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Boyfriend and girlfriend

someone you hook up with but only ever see during nighttime hours. like a booty call or a fuck buddy but more consistent and/or monogamous. not quite dating-level.

X: i've been hooking up with Y for months now but we only spend time together at night. i've never even seen him/her during the day!
Z: sounds like you have a vampire boyfriend/girlfriend

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Boyfriend and girlfriend

Most overrated annoying thing ever created. It should be bannished. Its the main reason for crimes

Boyfriend girlfriend😡👿😈

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Boyfriend and girlfriend

100% official and not fucking with no one else

He said we weren't dating anymore but that we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

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