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What is boom banging?

A term used when X amounts of attractive women and X amounts of incredibly unattractive women walk into a bar/party

One Classifies them as:
Bang- I would tap that ass fo sho
Boom- I would shoot her before I would ever hit that

K.C- "Dude check out those hoes"
J.B- "Bang Bang Boom"
K.C- "More like Boom, Boom, Bang-"
J.B- "Dude... Sick"

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boom banging - video

Boom banging - what is it?

sexual activity: activities associated with sexual intercourse

AJ was trying to bing bang boom three girls at once.

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What does "boom banging" mean?

1.When a girl is so incredibly hot that you ejaculate when she smiles.
2. A girl with the total package. Face,tits,ass,stomach,legs,

Holy shit man did you see that girl!? She bang bang boom.

From her hair to her lips to her nails to her shoes..common.. she bang bang boom

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Boom banging - what does it mean?

When something is awesome and you know that something really BIG is going to happen.

" Damn ole girl knocked her ass out, Bing, Bang, BOOM! in one swing..

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Boom banging - meaning

1. Song and album by Highway 101 that deals with "falling in love" or instant strong sexual attraction that may be disguised as love.

2. Slang term for sex, especially sexual intercourse and orgasm.

1. This song is so right. Keep your hormones in check or you'll be going Bing Bang Boom.

2. Guy: Say, little Missy, wanna get lucky tonight? How about a little Bing Bang Boom?

Girl: (Laughing) Go Bing Bang Boom your little self, loser.

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Boom banging - definition

A major dramatic, often disruptive or destructive, event.

When the Warlocks get back in town, there is going to be a big bang boom with the Hell's Angels!

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Boom banging - slang

fucking the living shit outta someone i dont mean just lightly fucking them i mean almost to the point where it even begins to hurt you and you will know the next day because your dick will be sore and she will probably be dead in the garbage can out in the back alley

guy1: man i should lay low for a while after the bang boom i made with christine

guy2: just lay low! go to canada i will take care of the "garbage"

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Boom banging

When a girl got the boomin' booty, bangin' sexy lips, and a Pow erful personality.

Yo man, you see that girl over in the library, she got that boom bang pow.

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Boom banging

When you slip a picture of your junk in with others pretending not to know it's there, and proceed to show all of them to an unsuspecting person you are hitting on while acting like you did not have a clue it was there, and in result they bang you hard.

Dave: So I went to Christie's house yesterday and you wont believe what happened.
Richard: What? Tell me, tell me!
Dave: Dude, I gave her the old slip boom bang, and it worked!

Richard: What the hell is that?

Dave:Well i took a picture of my cock all fluffed up, then i mixed it in with some scenery pictures, and boom when it popped up, I acted unaware that I even knew it was in my camera.

Then I just acted all shy, and ashamed.

Not only did she hop on for a pony ride, but she also licked my wad off her landing strip. I have never seen anything like it. Nor have I had sex like that, it was explosive!
Richard: Sounds like she liked what she saw. That Christy sounds like a keeper!

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Boom banging

A very enjoyable situation or experience had by a person, off the hook, all good and da bomb all relate to this.

"Hey Jay, how was that party you dj'd at last nite?"

"Yo, it was off the hook in a big way! Girls, music, dancing... It was Boom Banging for sure!"

"Ha ha! I feel that!"

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