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What is bitch you?

Being suddenly wary of having referred to the recently deceased as a "bitch"

You're at the funeral of a woman you didn't much like. In fact, she was a real turd and you know it. Perhaps she was the nun who slapped your hands with a ruler when you were in Catholic school. As you walk past the casket you mumble to yourself "I'm glad you're dead, you old bitch" and you are. But suddenly you notice that people are looking at you. You may have said that a little too loudly. Or maybe they can just read lips, you really can't be sure. In that moment when you realize something may be amiss, you are officially old bitch you wary.

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bitch you - video

Bitch you - what is it?

when you servely pwn someone or just for comedic relief

usually along with a you got pied picture

Cooldude:Come on smoking crack isn't that bad
Me:are you being sereal
Cooldude: Idk what sereal is but i'm pretty sure i am
M:*post Bitch you got pied picture.*

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What does "bitch you" mean?

When a bitch acts as if something is true; relevant but its not and or she knows better.

Bitch you tried it.

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Bitch you - what does it mean?

1.When someone states the obvious.

2. The name of a song . It's really stupid but good at the same time.

-Jamie is a hoe

-Light Yagami,you are Kira



-Justin Bieber is a faggot

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Bitch you - meaning

A phrase you say when I bitch who is also a thot tries to take your man

Patrisha β€œhey James πŸ˜‰β€
Falesha *drop kicks patrisha* β€œBITCH YOU THOT

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Bitch you - definition

From the song "u guessed it" feat. 2. Chainz by Og Maco the term "Bitch you guessed it" is pretty much a cocky way of saying you're right.

Paul: "How tall are you?"

Tyrone: "guess."
Paul: "idk 6 foot?"
Tyrone: "Bitch you guessed it"

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Bitch you - slang

when you are trying to reject or prove someone wrong.

Boy: You want to be my girlfrend
Girl : BItch you thought

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Bitch you

When someone tells someone something is going happen but than does not happen the person would say Bitch You Thought.

Bob: Im going to beat you in this video game Seth.
*Bob Looses Game*
Seth:Bitch You Thought!

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Bitch you

What you say when some trick says she fucked your man

Girl 1: Your man fucked my pussy so good last night.

Girl 2: Bitch you lyin, he was with me all night!

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Bitch you

fuck you. Well, its a british "joke" in my school. it makes no sense but who cares

Bitch you, Tina!

You are such an idiot, bitch you!

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