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What is biology?

The most boring subiect ever, taught by a teacher wif a lisp and has face spasms. Most of the time u learn nothing.

Ah, I don't need to know about osmosis in plant cells- hey, a packet of sponges is under this desk- lets chuck 'em!

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Biology - what is it?


me shooting myself in the face with biology.

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What does "biology" mean?

The world's most evil science. The so called study of life. Is actually a breakaway sect which originally practised Satanism but found that to be too righteous. Biology was created so that those hardcore Satanists could have a morally free and corrupt society in which they could also use Science.

1. I have Biology classes next. I believe I will be sacrificed to the one eyed demon Biology god.
2. A Biology camp is the most efficient and sadistic form of torture.
3. Emos who do Biology are so traumatised they stop self harming and become functional members of society.

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Biology - what does it mean?

the most horrible class in the world

i hate biology

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Biology - meaning

the worst class in the world. it makes freshman year suck more than it should.

biology sucks ass.
i hate biology.
i'm failing biology.
fuck biology.

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Biology - definition

term for sex, especially when used along with the word "study" and in reference to the self and another person

No, I can't hang out, my gf and I are going to "study biology" tonight.

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Biology - slang

The study of life.

Also, a boring class, which gives a lot of homework that I should be doing right now.

Much of the worlds photosynthesis is carried out by bacteria. Photosynthetic bacteria can be classified into four major groups....

see? no one cares.

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a class that requires memory, usage, and knowledge of the full history of words you can't even pronounce

biology= many try, few succeed

dude, biology plagues my existence, now i have to change my major to education! hey, at least i have more time to party now.

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an unusual process in which a collection of highly organized atoms try to figure out how they themselves work

Isn't it weird that atoms can contemplate their own existence?Think about it. Biology is fucking weird.

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1. The scientific study of life.

2. One of the many things that has been pissing off religious zealots for decades. A drop in a bucket, really.

3. One of the many things that has been pissing off about 90% of all students for decades.

4. The 21st century counterpart to physics/chemistry (20th century) and mechanics (19th century).

Things are gonna change around here again.

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