Definder - what does the word mean?

What is binder?

A gathering of 3 or more chicks in one place.

Whenever Kevin sang he always collected a binder of women.

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Binder - what is it?

Used by female transvestites to reduce the size and appearance of their breasts by constriction in order to appear more masculine. a simple binder is layers of women's dress hose, although there are commercially available binders.

"Yeah, right now I'm using some hose that as a binder until I get the one that i bought."

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What does "binder" mean?

?? something to flatten breasts??

I never got to the point of actually getting a binder, but I was looking around online for where to find one.

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Binder - what does it mean?

Where Mitt Romney keeps his women in.

Someone spilled coffee on the floor, bring out Rachel from the binder to clean it up.

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A great device for storing women.

Mitt Romney had binders full of women.
Forever Alone Guy: I just bought a binder, hopefully its full of women.

This binder is defective, I can't even fit a woman in here!

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A Mormon term for a place where eligible women are kept.

Hunter: Let's hit the bars. It's Ladies' Night.

Tyler: Dude, there aren't any bars in Monticello, Utah.

Hunter: What the hell? How am I gonna get laid?

Tyler: No prob, dude. I'm checking my binder right now.

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(v) to know a girl (in the biblical sense) after intentionally getting her drunk.

1. Yo, dawg. you shoulda seen this phat bitch i bindered last nite!

2. My friend JP bindered Dunny last nite. It was quite classless.

3. Rob tries to binder girls but fails all the time. He sucks.

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1) (collective) a number of women
2) (collective) a number of nouns associated with women, explicitly or implicitly

A binder of highly qualified women assembled to be considered for Mitt Romney's cabinet.

Major U.S. cities saw a swell of pubic demonstration, united under the banner of "saving Big Bird" and orchestrated by a single, engaged binder of concerned mothers.

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A slang used in the 604, for a person from an East Indian background.

Yo dude check out that towelhead...he is such a binder.

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often worn by transgender men, it constricts the breasts into a more flat chested appearance.

although he was physically born a female, he is mentally a male, and uses a binder to flatten his chest.

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