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What is big tits?

A website that shows women with huge knockers/tits.

Man, did you see that girl? She has humongous tits she could get a role in big tit patrol!

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big tits - video

Big tits - what is it?

A female of the human species who is blessed with unusually large tits and is objectified for this feature.

Oh, hey, there's big-tits mcgee.
Man 1: Do you know big-tits mcgee?
Man 2: No. Describe her.
Man 1: She has big tits.
Man 2: Oh yeah I know her.

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What does "big tits" mean?

A term of endearment for your loved one. Usually your loved one has big mommy milkers.

Created by Tom Segura

What’s for dinner you Big Titted Animal

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Big tits - what does it mean?

The ugliest possible form for a female's breasts to take at any age, yet which the majority of the male population seems to hunger for. This leads to girls with perfect, elegant little breasts to ruin them with enlargement.

The worst fucking trend in Western aesthetics ever.

'Look at me! My big tits are so huge and swollen and so fucking ugly like orange rotten melons that I know you're gonna love them!'
'That's great, honey. I want a divorce, you cow.'

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Big tits - meaning

Some warm perfect like water balloons.

Hey u have big tits

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Big tits - definition

A woman’s part, and it is very delicious! I eat it everyday!!

Did you see her BIG TIT!!!!! It’s so delicious!!

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Big tits - slang

a silly idiot

Dont be a big tit

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Big tits

Used to describe big breasts on a female

"damn girl! You got some big tits!"

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Big tits

A usually sylicone stuffed subtance that most males seem to enjoy sucking on until it turns a deep purple.


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Big tits

big tits are ginormuos jiggly bouncy loving fucking things that look goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
jigilly things that u can fuck

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o o<-butimagine2ofthose big tits
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