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What is bf?

quite simply, Boner Fuel

shit, did you see that betty? serious bf.

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Bf - what is it?


Bitch Face.

The check-out girl at the corner grocery is a big fugly BF.

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What does "bf" mean?


as in the game by EA.

lets all play bf :|

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Bf - what does it mean?

see also wordblue falcon/word

prnounced 'bee-eff'

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Bf - meaning

b and f a word that means the two will be forever bonded as one

person 1: look it's Brandon and Felicia

person 2: don't you mean bf?
person 1: they are bf's too

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Bf - definition

blue film generally refered to a porn movie

I saw a bf last night

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Bf - slang

having a bitch fit or gettng mad because your bitch wont fuck you

omg! your pissing me off im going to have a bf!

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1. Best friend
2. Boyfriend

Mostly used on Roblox to get past the censorship of boyfriend.

Definition 1: ur my bff!
Definition 2: OMG WILL U BE MY BF?

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Shorthand for boyfriend.

He tells me he doesn't have a bf right now.

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1. boyfriend

2. best friend

3. bitch fit

4. butt fuck or butt fucker

5. baby face

6. bitchy face

1. do you have a bf

2. i dont have a bf...

3. im about to have a bf

4. you wanna bf? or you are a bf!

5. he has a bf

6. she has a bf

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