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What is bested?

A person who is good at something.

Hes the best

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Bested - what is it?

(1) An elitist assholean method for signing email
(2) An email signature indicative of a laziness too pervasive to finish what one started (by simply adding the word 'regards' followed by a comma)
(3) The electronic sign off of any over zealous, ass kissing up-and-comer in academia (probably an intern or TA) who emails his professors a final draft before it is due

(1) Dear Mildred, I found the gumming you gave me last night at the yacht club to be sub-par. Therefore, I shall no longer be skipping the dessert course of upcoming functions in order to engage in necking, heavy petting or any other similar activities in the custodian's broom closet. Best, Charles.
(2) Bro, swt prty lst ngt. Thnk I lft my shrt at yr plce. Best, Todd (a clear douchebag frat party boy's name, right?
(3) Dear Dr. Failedwritingcareer, Please find attached my analysis of vowel sounds in the works of Alexander Pope. Best, Herb.

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What does "bested" mean?

Used when something is good, cool, etc. Typically typed on forums, chat rooms, etc.

Person: Free money? +best

Person: Wow, I blew it up again? +best

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Bested - what does it mean?

People claim to have done this as an excuse for not doing better or trying harder.

"Your best"? Losers always whine about their "best." Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.
--- Sean Connery as John Mason, in The Rock

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A close friend... A pal

That guy is my beste.

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Something that is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

I love that song its bestness

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has the warmest heart and soul they try to help everyone but no one helps them. people are usually breaks their heart but still beste means hope and music. has a heart of golden. they’re free-minded, loves animals and nature and animals and nature are also loves them! keep going pal no one deserves you more than you, you’re the cutest

she’s my beste (she’s my music and hope)

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adj. exemplimery state of affiars how one becomes dogger hounded n fucking feral

the bested *thinks*: hmmmmm... that scritch i drilled looks sumptious... now i wonder... they say no regrets... a-a-and you are what you eat... no. no. no more what ifs. still

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: To be completely conquered by some one, you have no self esteem left, or anyway do make a witty come back, lost for words.

: self esteem killer.

: to be owned beyond recognition

bro he bested you, you were at a loss for words when he got you with that come back by the kosher king

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1: To be owned like a little school girl, preferably on your own host (see halo the game)
2: To be taken advantage of

1:You got bested on your own host? tsk tsk...
Nikkah 1:Damn bro i got bested down at the dollar store today, that nikkah charged me $1.07 with tax
Nikkah 2:what da hell is dis tax shit?

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