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What is bert stare?

Similar to Rinsed; it describes someone who has just been made to look like a fool. This can be for many reasons, such as of losing an argument, not coming up with a good comeback to an insult, losing a competitive game or generally messing up.

Its thought that its usage comes from the well-known wit of Chris Lambert, a CBBC host in the early 90's famous for his put-downs.

'Your mum's a slag!'
-No response
'Dude, that guy totally berted you'

'I lost at one touch one bounce'
'Yeah, you were berted pretty bad'

'Take one step closer and I will bert you'

'Its a fine line between looking cool and looking as if you've been berted'

'I dont like your friends- they kept berting me.'

'Bert you!'
'Bert off!'

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Bert stare - what is it?

noun: a woman that thinks she is incredibly sexy and kind but is actually poopy and gross and has herpes on her mouth.

“please let me back into the friend group. i don’t want to be a bert.”

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What does "bert stare" mean?

A dialectal term for cigarette. Popular in North Lancashire and South Cumbria - may also have found its way to South Wales and parts of Manchester. Derived from the popular brand Lambert & Butler.

Winston: How many Berts can you smoke in twenty minutes?

Royston: At least twenty Berts, Marra.

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Bert stare - what does it mean?

Code word for Danger as explained in the series "Friends"

Joey: Well, you wouldn't let me in, so I thought you were in trouble.

Chandler: Well, we're not.

Joey: But you called me 'Bert'!? That's our code word for danger!

Chandler: We don't have a code word.

Joey: We don't? We really should. From now on, 'Bert' will be our code word for danger.

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Bert stare

The most amazing boy you'll ever meet. Usually cute and not afraid to reveal his naughty side ;)

damn, berts a cutie. I'd hit that

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Bert stare

to get completely inebriated on a weekday, knowing you have to work the next day

Feeling rubbish - got absolutely Berted last night, and have a full day of meetings today.

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Bert stare

A person who is, sophisticated, extremely intelligent and exceedingly well-endowed. A person known as Bert is often the most respected or adored member of any group of people. To be called Bert is the utmost sign of respect: it signifies that the person being referred to has the ability to please and impress others on every possible level.

A woman sees a distinguished, attractive man at a party and says, "wow that guy is such a Bert"

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Bert stare

the best boy you'll ever meet. he's polite, nice, a true gentleman. his mother raised him right. he's hilarious, sarcastic in a good way, and super caring. he's also cute. he's a gamer and laughs hard at everything. he's perfect inside and out. he plays soccer but always calls it football. he always asks questions because he always wants to get to know people. he's super athletic and has muscles. he's just amazing. if you don't know him, get to know him. you won't regret it.

Guy 1: "Dude, did you see Bert open a door, and start to go down the stairs, but saw that the door closed before this girl could go though and went BACK to open it for her?"
Guy 2: "Yea bro, he's such a gentleman."

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Bert stare

term of endearment, friend, homie, homeboy, my dog, pet

hey bert bert come over tonight

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Bert stare

when someone gives you a certain stare that resembles berts stare from sesame street.

i walked by that idiot and bert stared him

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