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What is bench press?

The Crabcore move which consists of all guitar players (including bass) lifting their instruments behind their heads, then bringing them back down in synchronized fashion. Most likely during a breakdown. You will be lucky to see more than one of these per show.

--at concert--
Friend #1: "dude!! did you see what they just did with their guitars!?"
Friend #2: "Haha yeah man, that's The Talladega Bench Press"

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Bench press - what is it?

When a buff ass body builder chick grabs a man by the chest and knees or legs (depending on height) and bench presses the man over her head while giving oral sex at the same time.

Laugh all you want at Marla, but you'll never know the joys of a bench press blowjob

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What does "bench press" mean?

What jocks and butch lesbians do to buff up their pecs.

Maximus spotted for Melba while she went through her bench press routine with a Chevy truck axle.

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Bench press - what does it mean?

To sit on a bench reading a newspaper while waiting for a bus.

If someone says they benched 250 yesterday, it means they waited exactly 2 minutes 50 seconds before their bus showed up.

"I was bench pressing the other day and learned that a two headed whale was discovered on the shores of Sweden!!!"

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Bench press - meaning

A power movement which calculates the power of the chest muscles

Ben Hatch Benches more than you because his chest is stronger

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Bench press - definition

the most overrated lift ever, particulary in the school scene. no one cares about anything but the bench press. to further pussify the lifting scene, teens wear specialized equipment called 'bench shirts' to further their lifts with false strength.

some skinny retarded jock> -puts on bench shirt, bench presses 200, takes off bench shirt, can only bench 150- GUYS I CAN BENCH 200 AND IM ONLY 15 LOL

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Bench press - slang

(v.) To lie flat on ones' back (although inclines and declines can be used to concentrate on a particular part of the pectorals) and push weights (usually a barbell) vertically upwards.

(n.) A bench designed for the above.

1) He tried to benchpress a bucket of paint and failed, crushing his head.

2)I replaced the chair and am writing this sitting ona bench press

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Bench press

this is not recommended for people who weigh less then the bar. (dish)

The Hawk

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Bench press

Having sex with big woman

Richard: Bro I just bench pressed Monisha!
Me: Bro she's huge!
Richard: I kno that's why I hit the gym

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Bench press

an exercise that is designed to maximise the size and strength of the pectorali as found on the male and female H. Homo Sapiens... Also is a favourite among power lifters, performed with weights usually in excess of 450 lbs...

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