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What is behaviour?

acting like a man/woman on a mission to seek out a person(s) who is DTF. a person behaving this way will not limit themselves to just one person per instance and therefore is somewhat of a whore - that everybody seems to know in one way or another.

i can't talk right now i'm on some alfie behaviour i'll call you back later. too many fish in the sea.

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Behaviour - what is it?

Used by Drake in his song Worst Behavior.
it often means when your really bad.

"yo man im on my worst behavior" - worst behaviour

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What does "behaviour" mean?

The taking of illicit drugs throughout the day, particularly at inappropriate times. For instance: scraping out a bomb of phet in the living room with your nan before tea time while you sit and watch 'Countdown'

I say, Charles, the gentleman in the corner appears to be exhibiting baghead behaviour!

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Behaviour - what does it mean?

When a person acts in a rediculous and inexplainable manner, often followed by a rediculous laugh that sounds like a small animal taking it's last gasps of breath.

Rachael acts like such a flange!!

Rach you have Flange Behaviour in the evenings!

Rach, cut out the Flange Behaviour please. you fucking flange!

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Behaviour - meaning

An action or behaviour done by a person (of any gender) which can be considered amazing/legendary etc

Me: Woah you deadlifted 300 kilos. That's King Behaviour

Me: Thanks for looking out for me bro, that was solid King Behaviour

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Behaviour - definition

Fan behaviour is where someone is obsessed with someone else. They tend to be the topic of their conversation and they sometimes even take it to the extreme of STALKING them.

I'm the topic of your conversation, that's what I call fan behaviour.

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Behaviour - slang

Behaviour that is of a one that has done something extraordinarily debaucherous.

1) Buying party drugs for an entire group of people and then doing them all by yourself in one sitting = hero behaviour
2) Hooking up with a stripper and getting her pregnant = hero behaviour

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Erratic, uncalled for behaviour. Usually with a violent temperament.

Wow why did you randomly kick that bin over? That's some Pooja behaviour right there.

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Behavio(u)r = English Correct
Behavi(or) = American Incorrect

Ron: Hey, I’m going to Urban Behavior; I’ve got to buy some Jeans. I’ll talk to you later.
James: You mean behaviour?
Ron: Huh? Why do you English people have the extra vowel in there? It doesn’t make sense!
James: The extra vowel, in most cases, is silent, but American brains can’t handle the extra task in figuring that out. Plus, that’s the original English way we’ve always spelled behaviour, but thanks to Noah Webster, he decided to get creative, one day, and misspell our words. That’s very unoriginal!
Ron: I thought English came from America?
James: ENG-lish came from ENG-land, way before America was even a country.
Ron: Whatever, bye!

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It's how Brits or brittish people spell behavior.

"That is same unusual behaviour." says brit #1.

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