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What is beginner?

The slack ink cartridge that you receive with your brand new printer. It will print the test page flawlessly. Three and 1/2 pages later its out. Then you see is "Order New Ink Here!"

Dang beginners ink! My new Printer is a fail! I was gonna print the entire divorce decree but it ran out of ink in less then 5 pages! ink print begin

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Beginner - what is it?

A beginner that does not advance in an agressive, unlimited manner

The benign beginner made surprising advances against all odds.

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What does "beginner" mean?

When you are a beginner at something but you perform like an expert due to "beginner's luck".

When I was throwing a bowling ball at 10 pins and it went to the far left side (thinking I was gonna hit 0) I got dissapointed, but, then all of a sudden it bounced off the left side and hit 9/10 pins! That was epic beginner's luck!

True story.

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Beginner - what does it mean?

(Idiom) when someone new to the field outclasses the veterans, they will scornfully remark this.

<goatseman>That n00b is killing us off!

beginners' luck, it'll wear off.

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Beginner - meaning

used to describe when a girl's clitoris is so big and obvious that even a male virgin could find it. good for helping sexually inexperienced males practice

I went down on this girl last night and saw she had this real big beginner clit that even my 12 year-old brother could find.

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Beginner - definition

a trap that leads to your death that you otherwise wouldn't have known.

"When I was playing dark souls on my very first run I fell for the beginner's trap when I died climbing down a pointless ladder that broke and killed me"

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Beginner - slang

a phrase representing pure luck on the first try.

Bill: Oh man, did you see that shot!?
Tom: That was beginner's luck!!

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boys or girls learning to skate because they love it
they usly know the names of a bunch of tricks, brands, and pro skater but ARE NOT posers
they skate cuz they love to (even if there not that good) not to impress anyone
dosnt always wear skater brands cuz they dont wanna be a poser
gets made fun of by poser, but the truth is that they are better than the poser at skating anyday

beginner skater: hey man can you show me how to do an ollie?
poser: no way! youll never learn to skateboard!
beginner skater *walks away sad and embrassed*
real skater:hey ill show you
beginner skater: cool thanks
real skater to poser: let me see you do an ollie
poser: uhhh...sure *falls on ass*
real skater: and you make fun of other people *sigh and shakes head*
beginner skater: *cant stop laughing HAHAHA

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Another word for noob beginners are people who are new, somebody who is not pro, and somebody who does not pwn

all of those non-pwners

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someone who is inexperienced at something.

He's a beginner at that game; he can't pass Level 1.

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