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What is beggining?

Refers to the point in time (usually a day or two after "the third") when moochers start whimperingly canvassing the neighborhood looking for handouts after they've blown their entire SSI checks on cigarettes, scratch-off tickets, and other costly/harmful/wasteful non-essentials.

I usually head off to the lake for a few days during the begginning of the month so that I won't be around for the local riff-raff to come bawling and blubbering to about how miserable and destitute they are.

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beggining meme gif

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Beggining - what is it?

It's similar to bacon, but it's not, and it's also for dogs. But dogs think it's bacon!

Dog: I smell bacon! Where's the bacon? IT'S BACON!
Woman: That's not bacon, it's beggin strips!

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What does "beggining" mean?

when your girl says you want a beggin strip and you think shes talking to the dog but pulls out a dick instead

are you gonna beg for a beggin strips

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Beggining - what does it mean?

tight, up and in it, nice

Her ass is beggin'

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Beggining - meaning

Begging someone for sex.

She commented on all my pics telling me how fit I am, she is definitely beggin it!

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Beggining - definition

begging it means that sum1 is sucking up 2 sum1 else so they are begging it

tim " my cock is dirty"
chris " dont worry tim, il clean it "
this is beggin it

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Beggining - slang

Someone who wants something from someone else. Usually sexual

Two girls over there in the corner, beggin, beggin

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trying to do something or imitate someone or something, but not very good

raj: why you beggin for?


damien: psshh jhene is so beggin ma style

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When you beg, plead, and hope that you do or don’t have to do something, right at the start of what it is you are meant to do.

β€œHe was beggining right at the start of his shift, I told him to fuck off”

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