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What is beat the heat?

smoke cigarettes; to smoke massive quantities of cigarettes while pounding some beers or alcohol of some sort

Hey, Grant do you want to come over and pound some beers, and beat some heats tonight?

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beat the heat - video

Beat the heat - what is it?

have a cigarette, to go smoke

I think I am going to go beat a heat.

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What does "beat the heat" mean?

This challenge occurs after a couple have a very spicy meal. One lover starts orally pleasing the other and the other must climax before begging to stop as it is burning too much.

Ty: Last night Kira and I went to La Cochina del Diablo. Spicy stuff!!
Herb: Did you beat the heat?
Ty: Nope and neither did she!!!

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Beat the heat - what does it mean?

It means they are going to a place where they can avoid the summer heat of their own area - a place to stay cool and be refreshed. beat the heat means to get yourself a little cool air or an ice cream or a cold drink

In the summer he used to beat the heat.

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