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What is battered?

To emphasise how much you are going to batter/hurt someone or something

Iā€™m going to batter batter batter you

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Battered - what is it?

Term used to rate your pissedness - somewhere between assholed and rumshoed.

I was royally batteret last night!

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What does "battered" mean?

To be highly insulted. Usually so insulted that the victim is left speechless. Similar to owned. Often used with served.

Guy 1: Yo mamma so dumb she bought a solar powered flash-light!

Guy 2: You got battered like a cod!

Guy 3: *angryface*

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Battered - what does it mean?

like owned but for use in the real world

guy 1 whacks guy 2 around the head with a rolled up piece of paper)

guy 3: ha! battered

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Battered - meaning

being very very extremely drunk

- Where are my shoes? I need more drink. I think I might be battered. Oh look I've fallen over. Where's this bra come from?

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Battered - definition

Something which has been deep fried in a mixture of flour and some liquid.

Battered sausage
Battered pizza
Battered Mars bar

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Battered - slang

When you are overwhelmed from the effects of any form of drug.

That was so good shit, it really battered me.

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Severe intoxication through alcohol consumption. Typically characterised by a total lack of inhibition often demonstrated through particularly foolish dancing. One step above steaming on the scale of drunkenness and one below shell.

I'm pretty embarrassed about last night... I was completely battered.

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To beat up or hit aggresively with the upmost vigour.

I battered those idiots in Clover Drive when they said I was batty!

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Beaten up in a fight - laid out, fucked up

dylan fort e was all 'ard but e's a cripple now cos e got proper battered by sam when e called im a mong

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