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What is bare ass?

The release of anal gas, the culprit having his/her pants (and underwear) far enough down so that the methane gas avoids contact with his/her attire. This method will prevent underwear "stink", and the lack of a barrier between anus and ambience will cause the fragrance to spread quicker and with richer concentration.

Person A: "Did someone shit their pants?"

Person B: (Giddy laughter)

Person A: "What the fuck is that?!"

Person C: "Person B made a bare-ass fart."

Person A: "Damn you, Person B."

Person B: "Hey man, I don't want that shit to bake up in my undies."

Person D: "You disgust me."

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bare ass - video

Bare ass - what is it?

When one unveils his ass from the backseat of a car and squeezes it between the passenger and driver's seat and blasts ass on the driver.

"Holy shit, I think you parted my hair with that bare ass fart!"

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What does "bare ass" mean?

to earn own or get a serious amount of money

the deal went well i got bare ass wedge for it

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Bare ass - what does it mean?

When you have half of your ass in your boxers and the other half out. Also when you have half a wedgie.

I walked into the room he had his butt in the air with his boxer-bare ass out.

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Bare ass - meaning

More naked than naked. As naked as naked can get. So naked, it's bollocks.

There I was - hammer-fist drunk, bollicky bare-ass naked, ready to snowboard off my roof...

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Bare ass - definition

An epic maneuver in which a man lets his pants and underwear drop to his ankles, lifts his shirt up to armpit level, and urinates, much in the manner of a 4 year old trying to use a urinal. Usually executed while intoxicated. Occasionally performed in tandem by a group, no homo.

Since many guys did this at urinals when they were kindergarten age, the act of doing this is often referred to as "bringing it back".

"Guys, I have to pee. I'm gonna bring back the bare ass piss."

"Joel, I heard you brought back the bare ass piss the other night."
"Feels good, man."

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Bare ass - slang

A Bare Ass, exposed as a taunt or an insult. A Bare Ass as many people may know in rare occasions has been known to be used as a weapon. Using an almost lethal sting on its victim. Instincts of the BA tell it to hit the most vulnerable areas such as the head or face.

There is some hope to save people, because it is only possible to plant a BA with pure technique witch is almost impossible to develop.

Did you hear about mark getting Bare Assed? I feel sorry for that guy.

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Bare ass

Nude, unclothed, wearing no clothes.

I've just seen a bare assed boy running out of his house.

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Bare ass

To pull your pants down in the back expose your bare ass. Some times used in the bare ass face fart. when a fart is 'bare assed" it allows it to dissapate more rapidly in the air allowing less reaction time in your surrounding crowd.

Man, sams bare ass fart cleared the room in under 4.3

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Bare ass

The more polite form of buck ass naked. Required attire for skinny dipping with ur pals and for hangin it at nudie parties.

Josh: "Who's the hairy dude?"
Jeremy: (while dropping his boxers) "Oh, that's Chad. He got all bare ass and turned our last thing into a nudie party.

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