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What is ballers?

a person with swag

anyone who has actually taken the time to add the definition for baller, is not a baller. (me included)

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Ballers - what is it?

A severe condition in which you have a lot of money, and spend it. (ie: balling)

Symptoms include: baller phone, baller car, generally owning baller-ass stuff.

Nick just bought a sidekick 3, a new pair of dunks, and 22"s for Roxy's Ride, he has a bad case of balleritis.

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What does "ballers" mean?

The act of twisting one's scrotum.

I ballered Scott the other day after I succumbed Claire.

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Ballers - what does it mean?

this is old 70 s and early 80 s slang for dealers who sold eight balls of cocaine.. it went on in the late eighties to mean anybody who is rolling in money and dealing in drugs... in the early 90s it was attributed to rap stars and anybody who was just rolling in the dough... It is currently (after late 90s) attributed to ball players rolling in the dough.

yo brother I need to re-up, you know anyone thats ballin. We looking for some large amounts so we need a baller.

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A thug that has "made it" to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.

Pain is a part of the game when you're a baller.

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Ballerness is the state of performing in athletics or sex at such a high level that kenyans and porn stars can't touch you're skillz. Such Ballerness is exuded by Michael Jordan, Mike McLaughlin and Devon Bennett.

Yo Ray, you can't miss a three today, you're ballerness is at a maximum.

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Someone who started out from the bottom and with nothing and have now made it to the top.

Look at Pete and Steve over there, they are true ballers

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a paintballer that isnt a nubbie

yeah we agg ballers are goin to pwn ur 1337 nub butt

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Movie in development, scheduled to come out in '08, featuring fucking Dave Chappelle, T.I., Katt Williams, and a bunch of other cool black guys. Look it up on Wikipedia for more info.

Ballers looks like it will be a ballin' movie. AHAhAHA, see what I did there? I used ballin' in adjective form, to describe a movie named Ballers. Man, that is rich.

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Plural form of baller. Kind of obvious, huh?

I got schooled by those ballers.

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