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What is appearance?

A group of 10 to 15 year old boys on Honda-Tech that aspire to own pink and orange Japanese economy cars and 48" chrome "spinna" rims. Additionally, there are also a disproportionately large group of 20-somethings that feel painting and applying decals and wings to a used Japanese car is quite possibly the best way to pick up a new "baby momma" after the old one has sold her body for crack.

"Wow! Did you see that Civic? It's got so many wings and worthless junk on it that the loser must be a graduate of Appearance/Cosmetic!"

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Appearance - what is it?

A person who is doing too much! Showing a lot of skin in order to get attention. A person who out dresses everyone in a ghetto fashion. Ratchet Appearance

Long custom nails, heels that make them a foot taller then what they really are, hair that is noticeably not theirs, shirts that show belly when its not appropriate; due too lack of exercise, and excessive use of makeup.

"Wow her ratchet appearance is doing too much tonight!"

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What does "appearance" mean?

Likely to make an appearance

My buddy is bound to appear on messenger any minute now.

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Appearance - what does it mean?

A meme derived from Super Smash Bros. When a new character is introduced the phrase would be used. On the internets, if a related but superior character is mentioned people will say a new challenger appears. Challenger is the key word for starting a brawl on 4chan.

A challenger appears!!

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Appearance - meaning

A Cameo Appearance, is when someone attends a function / event they are invited to for a short period of time. A Cameo appearance is made when you can’t really be fucked turning up, but do so to stop being ribbed by the boys for being weak as piss.

One often makes a Cameo appearance, when they are only allowed out of the house for short periods of time. A Cameo appearance is used to keep both the boys and the Mrs happy.

“ Roger you’re not going away for the whole Queens birthday weekend are you? “

“No my love, I will just make a Cameo appearance.”

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Appearance - definition

To go to an event solely to be seen there; usually one's stay at such event is short in duration.

Guy 1: "Yo man, what are you up to tonight?"

Guy 2: "I have to make an appearance at some douchebag's birthday party, but after that I should be free."

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Appearance - slang

The true alternative to the lame "it is what it is", because truly nothing is what it is, it can only appear to be that.

I cant stand the phrase "it is what it is" because things are only what it appears to be what it appears to be.

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1) When someone is online on MSN but has selected "Appear Offline" As their status, so that they talk to only who they choose

2) When someone is deliberatly ignoring you, ie they look at you, you say Hi, and they turn away again and walk off.

1) Tommy364 says:
Oh Hey Jane!!
dw, I'm just appearing!!

2) Susan: Agh, flipping Jackie was appearing to me all last class!!
Jade: No way!! She didn't say anything at all?!

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How a thing looks to you the looker.

But you must be careful with atheist evolutionists, because in their phrase 'appearance of design' it means mirage of design, while for a theist it means reality of design as witnessed to by the looker.

The way to get an exact idea of what atheist evolutionists mean by ‘appearance of design’ when they say they don't mean it is just appearance, is to ask them if they be guys: whether they have an appearance of a penis's design or the reality of a penis's design in their penis.

Also with female atheist evolutionists, ask them whether they have an appearance of a vagina's design in their vagina, or the reality of a vagina's design.

Then ask them what exactly do they want to impress people with, in their use of the phrase ‘appearance of design,’ if in their penis or vagina they do not mean just appearance.


Appearance of man, meaning the first time man appeared on earth or in the universe of existence.

Appearance of water in the desert to a man dying from thirst means a mirage of water.

Appearance of design, see definition proper, above.

Appearance of health said by a doctor to a patient, means the doctor cannot see anything medically wrong with the patient even though the patient says he feels miserable.

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Upon new year dawning this very morning would imagery of personalised destiny approaching appear's treachery maintained as privilege throughout your life rather than losing ingenuity and wonder at memories' gather?

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