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What is and such?

Such - a way of expressing unenjoyment or disbelief.. often means "blank" isn't right or i'm not happy about "blank"

such exam! such weather! such work!

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And such - what is it?


Seamless/GrubHub. "such takeout, very amaze"

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What does "and such" mean?

Saying originating from Belmont County, OH. Used to begin a story or after something that promotes bragging rights in a rural or backwoods boondocks area. A similar saying is That's what's up.

Ex. I put a 3" lift kit and some 31's on my Chevy Tracker the other day, I'll tell you what and such.

Ex. I caught a catfish the other night. It was a big'un, I'll tell you what and such.

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And such - what does it mean?

doing things below the waste that arent associated with anything oral or full out sex.

billy and stacy did stuff and such but neither of em went down on one another so didnt do no stuff and such and such

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And such

when describing things such as stuff

i was walking to work and found all this stuff and such behind the smoke shop!

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And such

The people who I’m talking about without saying any names.

I’m tired of hearing stuff about such and such.

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And such

A phrase that can be added after any sentence.

Happy birthday, and such.

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And such

a phrase that can be added after any sentence

I like futons,and such

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And such

the way to end a sentence when ur confused or high

so we r gonna go to the movies um ya and such

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And such

A shortened version of "and such things", "and such other things" or "and such things as that". This is essentially a non-verbatim English equivalent of et cetera and can be used interchangeably.

1. Candy bars, and such, are not particularly nutritious.
2. I like modern furniture, like Swedish, Danish, and such.
3. Joe: Japanese car manufacturers are the best having won awards for engine, transmission, trunk space...
Kristi:...and such, but the real point is that...

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