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What is anal intercourse?

Another way to say what the fuck to your friends.

What in the anal sexual intercourse is going on here?!

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anal intercourse - video

Anal intercourse - what is it?

A phrase you say to people who are against profanity, and say it's immature and stupid. The idea is to give show them that such censored "replacements" are worse.

Jimmy: I like to look at kiddie porn!
Arcon: Fuck you!
Jimmy's Mom: Now, now, it's inappropriate to swear. Say you're sorry.
Arcon: Anal intercourse you too shithead!!!

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What does "anal intercourse" mean?

Bangin of the asshole, but only with some form of lubrication.
such as:
Sleepy time lotion
Richard Prior

see: mom

Last August i had hard core anal intercourse with Charlies mom in her ass with some help from richard prior.

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