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What is an apple?

a slang term for penis

When Mr. Stash flashed us, we saw what looked like a small child holding an apple.

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An apple - what is it?

A large penis.

The term comes from a Lenny Bruce routine about African-American men ("Their wangs look like a baby's arm with an apple in its fist" as immortalized in his book _How to Talk Dirty and Influence People_), but this exact wording is taken from The Tubes' song "What Do You Want From Life", from their first album.

Since not everyone gets the reference, the term typically is used as an in-joke.

What Carrie really wants is a baby's arm holding an apple.

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What does "an apple" mean?

1. A Large Penis, with the shaft appearing to be the "arm" and the head the "apple"

Look at the size of that cock! It looks like a baby's arm holding an apple!

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An apple - what does it mean?

a pine in an apple
a more interesting word for pineapple

'im bored'
'lets eat a pine-in-an-apple'

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An apple

An apple, being spherical and smooth, is one of the least sharp objects one could find. The phrase "sharp as an apple" therefore means that the subject is slow mentally. An idiot. It can also be used in a self-deprecating manner whenever someone comments on your failures, though typically it helps if you don't actually believe you are.

Guy 1: Hey man, what do you think would happen if I stuck my hand in this blender and turned it on?
Guy 2: You really are sharp as an apple, you know that?

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An apple

The act of using an apple as a smoking device, which requires one to pucker their lips against the apple.

I can't wait to get off work so I can kiss an apple and chill out.

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An apple

editing pre-existing products for re release to make a profit even though the changes are unnecessary and don't add to the performance or efficiency of the product/device.

"Hey did you see the new Samsung galaxy s3?" "yeah, i cant believe they made a 3rd phone. They are really pulling an apple."

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An apple

While playing a co-op or multiplayer game, a person disapears leaving his co-op partners to play the game without him.

He's not here yet again. He is pulling an apple.

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An apple

A person that does not pull their weight during multiplayer gaming.

A person pulling an apple might give excuses like

1. I fell asleep.
2. Need to go to the bathroom.
3. Fixing a Sandwhich.
4. Shaving
5. Having a Seizure.

Do not fall for these.

Rand: Damn it Jim, you pulled an apple on us last night.

Jim: Sorry I was shaving and not pulling an apple.

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An apple

make shift bong

Matt: "Dude you broke my bong, what can we do?"

Fred: "How about an apple"

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