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What is amazement?

A word that used to mean something astonishing and wonderful. Now a overused generic term for just about anything. An adjective which really holds no meaning anymore.

Did you see that? It was amazing.

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Amazement - what is it?

A person that makes you feel like no one else possibly could, makes you want to fight for them, to keep them. Someone that no matter what they say, even if nothing at all, makes your day 10x better than the last. Amazing is the definition of what your heart longs for and what your mind needs. You would do anything for this person and if they were ever sad for any reason, you would spend the rest of your life trying to get them to smile again, with the smile that just drives you crazy. I guess you could say that amazing is love.

Amanda M is amazing to me

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What does "amazement" mean?

-To cause great wonder or astonishment, To be unbelievable, brilliant, and sensational.

-Being Rewa J

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, what he did on the court was simply amazing.

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Amazement - what does it mean?

Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.

Everything Alex is and does is amazing to me.

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Amazement - meaning

Amaze means amazing.
It is commonly used by annoying teenage girls who don't like to say more than 2 syllables maximum.

Megan: Wow, that's so totally amaze.
Holly: Stfu, amazing ftw!

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Amazement - definition

Someone who is super cool and awesome and is fun to hang around and talk to like. hailey

Guy 1: who's that amazing person
Guy 2 oh that's hailey

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Amazement - slang

Amazing describes someone who is beautiful inside and out, caring, loving, so family orientated and would give anything to make someone she loved happy. Amazing is someone who spends time, puts in effort and invests in people, she always wears a smile on her face, and even when she's down, there's a positive light for every dark situation. She always laughs, always surprises you and is very very spontaneous. They'll inspire those around them, leave love everywhere they go and are honestly the most enjoyable person to be around you'll ever know. Not everyone has these qualities, let alone all of them, and so I've only come across one person who is for me, truly Amazing. I've known her well for only a short period of time and she's given me a new outlook on life, made me realise that happiness is only round the corner of every situation and that whatever day your having, just seeing her smile will instantly turn your frown upside down. She's beautiful, and its an honour to know her. She warms hearts just by smiling, and my heart has never felt warmer for such a long time. Thank you x

You amazing amazing amazing fridge.

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Wolf Blitzer's opinion of the Ron Paul blimp.

Imagine.. the mainstream media is mesmerized as the image of the Ron Paul blimp is shown to tens of millions of Americans throughout the day (and throughout the month). Wolf Blizter, stunned and as if in a trance, repeats the words, "Amazing, Amazing"

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1. a word used to describe a feeling that what you have found is so incredible, so overwhelming, so incomparable, and every day new and better and deeper.

2. The state of the feeling what is described above

ex. The only way I can describe my feelings toward you is amazement. Every little thing that you do, I'm amazed by you.

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A feeling that cannot usually be described with words. This feeling makes many people extremely happy. You can also be amazed that someone is so stupid.

She called me last night, and I could do nothing but stare at the wall with a big goofy smile in amazement.

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