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What is all day?

really good, yes, yes sir, ok, definitely, quite

wow!! look at that chick... ALL-DAY!

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All day - what is it?

commonly used word if your a big fucking tool bastard. most people who use the ter All Day are refering to the act of
a. drinking crappy beer
b. taking shirtless pic
c. wearing gay shirts with chinese symboles.
d. chewing tabacco
e. balding

if you use this term you most likely spend most of your time playing gears of war the other half taking myspace pics and pretending that people care about you.

"Alll Fuckin Day"
"dude im the fuckin man pussy beeer pong brocaine all Day!"

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What does "all day" mean?

term used in basketball to "let him/her" have that shot. Cause its "all day" and they are missing it.

*Someone takes an outside or mid-range shot, who is known to be a low percentage shooter* Defense *not careing to guard the player* or goes straight for the rebound and says oh thats "all day".

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All day - what does it mean?

when you nail your one rep max like its a piece of piss. applicable in other areas of difficulty that have been overcome with ease and style

see that deadlift? - "aaaall day"

guy1 - you really sure you can get the basket ball in the hoop from here!?

guy2 - all day

random guy - you think you can get with mehdi's work buddy?

karl - *grins* .. "all day"

mehdi - stop fucking saying that!

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All day

overused and at times annoying response to what day of the week it happens to be

"Is it Wednesday today?"

"Yep, all day."

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All day

gang slang used to say "Okay", but in a sense that they will get it done no matter what.

speaker a:"put that shit in the van tonight"
speaker b:"all day man"

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All day

1. Yes
2. Of course

1. "Tyrone, are you going to hit that?"
"All day."

2. "Tyler, are you going to clean the dishes"
"All day."

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All day

Restaurant slang (kitchen). A request by a line cook to the expeditor (controller of the orders) about the total amount of orders for specific items.

Chef, I need an "all day" on filet mignons.

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All day

Term used in prison amongst inmates meaning they're serving a life sentence.

How long you down for?
"all day"

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All day

means "often"

Mostly used hand in hand with anything that has positive quality.

Do you use marijuana?

All day, every day.

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