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What is ain?

a hot chik that everybody is after

yo check dat ains over dere im gona make her mine.

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Ain - what is it?

aine is an amazing lil shit who is super caring and intelligent. Even though she has a crackhead dog who looks like their always on drugs, that doesnt take away from the fact that she is a gorgeous dumbass.

You are such an aine.

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What does "ain" mean?

She's a gorgeous girl who is always the one laughing or making people laugh. She is kind, puts others before herself and idolizes her best friend. She is beautiful, as she is Irish, and loves a cold beer as much as a day out with her friends.

Look! That must be an Aine chugging those beers over there!!

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Ain - what does it mean?

The most graceful and pretty girl you will ever meet. She is kind and loving and the best friend you could ask for.

Aine is so nice. She is my favorite friend

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Ain - meaning

Who is the great person n lucky to be her bestfriend ! Who is ? Sure that ain.

Ain is the clever girl

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Ain - definition

A beautiful girl. Was the queen of the faires in Irish legends. A loyal friend and a caring person. Aine can always make you laugh. Always up for the shift lads. Usually an Irish girl. Loves to laugh and is loved by all who know her. Loves a good drink and could outdrink most in the local bar. Has an unreal arse.

"See that girl chugging down that guinness? She's deffinitly and Aine." "Aww,I'm so lucky to be friends with an Aine"

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Ain - slang

She is a kind loving girl that will always manage to make you laugh even when you just not in the mood or feeling down. She is also very very crazy and will be up for anything that you want to do. She can also be quite competitive but that’s only sometimes. Overall Aine is the type of friend that you will have for all of your life and you know it. She is also an ambitious and passionate girl. She would probably look like an intimidating person if you didn’t know her but once you start talking to her you will know that she is the funniest ever!

Omg guys will any of ye jump the whole flight of stairs with me? Aine : Yeaaa omg it will be so fun

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usually shouted with an outstretched hand at someone when they are speaking or when someone is trying to terror them. this word might be used when someone says something gimpy and is often used as a synonym for heavy

(liverpool slang)

"i fell on my face when i was running for the bus"
"HAHAH AINNNN" *hand outstretched*

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an unpredictable and a weird girl

"People call her ain after what she did last night, it was really a real surprise!

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A sweet young girl at first sight. She's hilariously funny and cool. You cant help but fall for her charms!

Ain't nobody is Ain

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