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What is age?

try -age

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age - meme gif

age meme gif

age - video

Age - what is it?

If windchill was a factor it would mean nothing.

If age had windchill I'd b 40!

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What does "age" mean?

Pronounced Idge, this can be placed onto the end of basically any word.
Try this with any word.

Samage, goodage, musicage, bankage etc.

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Age - what does it mean?

Assisted geriatric enclosure

Grandma went senile so we put her in an age.

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Age - meaning

Something that does not matter when selcting a mate.

I didn't know her age was only 12!

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Age - definition

just a number

my girlfriend is 7 years old, but age is just a number.

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Age - slang

Pronounced 'idge' a suffix attached to almost any word. Invented in 1988. Whilst doing exhibition work we were asked to, "Go and put up the 'signage' to which we replied,
"And after that we are going to have some drinkage some clubbage and a bit of kebabage" Since then adding 'age' to the end of a word has spread impressively but now seems to be on the decline.

Kippage, drinkage, chatage, swimage etc etc

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Something which is just a number

I'm 15 and you're 18 but we make the perfect pair.. Who cares about our age?

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A suffix for any random word.

I was maintainin' at my crib-age, ock.

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A word used to describe to other posters on the *chan (iichan, 4chan, etc) message boards that this post deserves to be seen and bumped.
Short for "A Good Example"

Opposite of sage

age for Sakaki boobies!

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