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What is against me?

One of the few modern punk bands that do not suck. They represent the views, lifestyle, and state-of-mind of the modern and the old-school punk. They are great.

John: I LOVE GREEN DAY!!<3 :) 0:)
Me: *stop painting wall* you fucking conformist, listen to Against Me!

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Against me - what is it?

A fuckin awesome band and one of the few bands out there that is trying to preserve the great genre of punk rock. Bands like NOFX, old Green Day, Rancid, and The Clash are examples of punk. Against Me! is a band that fits perfectly in this category. With songs about anarchy and being a person growing up, this is what punk rock is all about.

Against Me! is the greatest band ever. There is not one new band that is trying to keep punk rock alive, but they appreciate great music and don't want it to die.

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What does "against me" mean?

The number one argument against band tattoos.

Jack: Hey Jill, that's an interesting tattoo. Don't you know that Against Me have essentially pissed in the face of every fan they used to have by turning their old music into a bunch of fucking lies?

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Against me - what does it mean?

An anarcho-punk band from Gainsville Florida, who, contrary to poular belief, did not sell-out.

"did you hear Against Me! is re-inventing axl rose?"

"good, i fucking hate that guy.'

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Against me - meaning

An awesome band that never signed to Fat Wreck Chords, simply released a CD on their label on a non-contract basis.

AM! rocks, but damn yo their 12 year old fans can be dumb

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Against me - definition

Awesome punk band from Florida. Very creative, awesome band.

Against Me! kicks fucking ass.

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Against me - slang

Greatest fucking punk band... a phenoix rising from the ashes of the punk scene

Against Me! kicks mucho grande ass

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Against me

against me likes jesus. and fucking. and drinking alcoholic beverages while licking whipped cream off of my body. i also happen to be the virgin mary, fucks.

maria: you guys suck. sell outs
against me: yeah..

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Against me

the band that is both the epitome and the saving grace of the punk community.

Against Me's cd "Reinvinting Axle Rose" is probably one of the best albums ever.

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Against me

Against me! is by far the best band ever. They are down to earth, and rock the fuck out of human kind.

Against me! beleive that pints of guiness make you stronger.

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