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What is aerospace?

You try to get along with everyone but people aren’t in anyway positive they negative as fuck and they will give you depression and if you get bullied by a Farnsworth 7th Grader and you tell them that they are bullying you they will just say “I was just kidding” or “it was just a joke calm down” and y’all have heard of whitewash right? Well at Farnsworth we ain’t got no whitewash kids we got blackwash kids instead. So for you parents out there your 7th grade Farnsworth student is either blackwash , “the smart kid” who is actually smart but try’s to act ghetto and seems really fake and you wanna punch her/him in the face, the bully that don’t know they a bully, or the kid who thinks they are from the hood, the short kid who swears he a gangster or the person who gets depressed because of their school. so do a favor and transfer them please thank you and that is all, (this is literally Farnsworth Students including boys and girls)

Each of those ghetto kids must be a (7th grader at Farnsworth Aerospace)

How do you know?

Look at them with the way they act they for sure from Farnsworth

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Aerospace - what is it?

Farnsworth is a bitchass school , everyone there either two faced or slow and retarded. this school wackk like on god , everyone there they got clout lmfaoo. the popular girls always tryna help new kids with they schedule and give a good impression.

someone new : needs help with schedule at farnsworth

popular girl : I'll help , being nice to them .

Farnsworth Aerospace 5-8 means people think they have clout .

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What does "aerospace" mean?

the most awsome kind of people there is and makes money off lies, cheating and deception.

hot chick: what do you do for a living?

aerospace engineer: im in the business of aerospace engineering, babe

hot chick:...{sound of panties dropping}

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Aerospace - what does it mean?

One who studies at school and does not leave his/her room their entire freshman year. Except for classes and library runs and lan parties in the basement, these wonders of our modern college world are truly awe inspiring as to the fact that they can withstand having no social interractions for years on end with the simple promise of millions upon graduation.

Dayum. That kid is still in his room? Yeah, what do you expect? hes an aerospace engineer, lets go get krunked

Joe Fish is an aerospace engineer

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UND Aerospace is a flight training school located in the forsaken wastes of Grand Forks North Dakota. While the public and marketed reason behind the flight program is to promote and train safe, professional, competent pilots. However this is rarely the case as the real and as it would seem sole purpose is to make money. The training has become somewhat sub-par in recent years due to the inbreeding ( They hire instructors that they themselves have trained and due to the under qualified flight instructors subsequently teaching others how to instruct the errors are never corrected for).
However there are upsides to the school primarily it’s cheaper than Embry Riddle which to say the least is a cluster fuck and because it is just not a flight school, you can always find a party on any given sat or fri between the hours of Fri 8 am to Sunday noon.

UND Aerospace did not even buy me dinner before fucking me! How rude!

Did you see the flying team? What a bunch of faggots.

Its a good thing that they care more about the undergrads than the contract students...wait....

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A meeting on Thursdays at a fucking amazing sports bar where men get together to talk about chicks, beer, and how much we hate school...oh yeah, and L/D Max.

Man, that Aerospace Party was fun, good thing I was using my L/D/ Max

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Pretty much the smartest people out there.

O shit, hes an aerospace engineer

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A field where your best will never be good enough and girls are rarer than a shiny Pikachu.

college freshman: "I don't really care about happiness in life, or enjoying college..I think I'll go into aerospace engineering."

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Space, the final frontier, for these rocket raping masters of flight and fucking, the speed of light comes close to the level of badass-ness behind the brains of these technical fucking geniuses. Rocket science at it's best.

Hot girl: hey, whats your major?

Aerospace guy: aerospace engineering baby

hot girl:


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the branch of technology and industry concerned with both aviation and space fligh

i work for aerospace

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