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What is adore?

Maddie Bulleyment from Six the Musical UK Tour who is too adorable for some people


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Adore - what is it?

Funny, Unbelievably charming, Lovable, spectacularly cute in every way. So modest that they will always deny when called out about it.

The Great Giraffe Princess is the most adorable and well loved princess of them all.

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What does "adore" mean?

psycho stalker delusional freakshow. This species resides atop bakeries, and is often found lurking behind a PC monitor and eating ho-ho's. Also sometimes found in Ireland, but not really.

Adore will stab you until all your blood is on the ground and out of you.

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Adore - what does it mean?

Cute, lovely, caring, awesome... just about any cutesy adjective to descibe a fabulous person.

1.Jeff: (holding books for his girlfriend)
Carly: Thanks Jeffrey, you're adore-- I love you!

2.Natalie: Hey Sarah, I just saw those comments you left on my photos. Thanks so much. You are so adore!

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Adore - meaning

bloddy amazing smashing pumkins album

adore rocks!buy it now!

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Adore - definition

fuck that last def. adore means, jeff loving giselle to no end, meaning i will love, and cherish every word and emotion giselle is willing to offer jeff to the end of the world, nothing will stop jeff from caring and loving you, giselle, period the end. I adore you sweety and i anxiously await every moment of communication from you. til then, smooch, muah!, xoxoxo

Giselle, i adore you, til the day i die. =)

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Adore - slang

verb: to love deeply

noun: the greatest, most beautiful and touching of the Smashing Pumpkins' albums. The best song on the album is "Behold! The Night Mare!".

I adore "Adore" by the Smashing Pumpkins. Without a doubt, it is one of the most amazing albums ever created.

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The impossibility of picturing a life without him by your side!

Schettini adores Andy.

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To think about somebody and realize that, no matter what their strengths and weaknesses are, the only thing that REALLY matters is that overwhelming feeling of happiness they bring to your life.

Any explanation beyond that is just sugar.

I adore you, glucose-breath.

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It's when you have butterflies whenever you see a person yet you can be totally yourself around them and be so comfortable. At the same time though, you're hoping they feel the same way about you and love you too. You adore being in their company and they can sometimes become an obsession.You trust them completely and would happily be with them forever. You'd do anything for that person and they're all you think about from when you wake up to when you sleep.

To be honest, to adore someone is an indescribable feeling that only your heart can make the difference between a crush and utter adoration.

I think about him all the time, I adore him.

Song Lyrics, Adore - Prince:
'Baby, yes Until the end of time
I'll be there 4 U
U own my heart and mind
I truly adore U If God one day struck me blind
Your beauty I'd still see (Your beauty I'd still see)
Love's 2 weak 2 define
Just what U mean 2 me From the first moment I saw U
Ooh, I knew U where the 1'

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