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What is addicting?

a word in which i said for 15 years before my friends decided it was time to correct me

Me: I love this game, its so addictable!!
Friend: hehehe...

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addicting meme gif

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Addicting - what is it?

A state were a person just wants one object super badly, and can't get enough of it.

I am addicted to soda.

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What does "addicting" mean?

a compulsive habit that people obtain through repitition.

Eric: Why can't people stop smoking. It isn't that hard. They should have some self control.

Mark: Eric, if its that easy then stop masterbating!!!

Eric: (silence)

Room: (laughing hysterically)

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Addicting - what does it mean?

What people say sometimes when they really mean to say "addictive"

Dude 1. That shit is addicting!

Dude 2. The word is ADDICTIVE!

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Addicting - meaning

A word that isn't actually a word. It is used by illiterate fucks who really mean "Addictive."

Stranger- Coffee is really addicting.
A guy who is actually intelligent- It's "addictive" you illiterate fuck!

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Addicting - definition

A weird addiction to any/all programs, documentaries, e.t.c. featuring the sad existences of drug, alcohol, sex, OCD's, and any other addict.

"Man, we need to do an 'intervention' on Bill; All he ever talks about is "Intervention" or "Hoarders." "What an addiction addict!"

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Addicting - slang

causing addiction or a strong habit

Alcohol, porn, and the internet can all be addicting to someone with an addictive personality in the US; but in the UK they can only be addictive.

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Incorrect usage of the intended word "addictive" used by some fucking moron on Digg.

"Most Addicting Flash Game You'll Play This Week"

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Moron usage of 'addictive', used by latter-day illiterati unable to tell the right side up of a book.

'That game is so addicting!'
'Dude, learn to write or something. It's "addictive".'

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a misusage of the intended "addictive" by an uneducated/retarded individual.

"Most Addicting Flash Game You'll Play This Week"

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