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What is a teacher?

A person that helps you solve problems you'd never have without them.

(Teacher) Write this 100 times!
(Student) ok..
(Teacher) Now you know.

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A teacher - what is it?

There are 2 different kind of teachers:

1)Caring people who really want to help you learn and grow they want you to be ready to go out in the real world. They really do care about you but some teens jump to conclusion thinking that they dont care because they are being snappy one day out of a whole year. They have familys and problems just like the rest of us. They cant be perfect they are only human.

2)Dickfaces who live to terrorize kids lives. Usually men or old women. They say they care just so they can fuck with your mind but then go tell the whole staff about it and then you end up getting a phone call home and your parents find out about it and then you have all this drama shit on your hands. Until a #1 teacher tries to help you fix it!

1) Right now i have two teachers like this. Who really care and i know they care. Conversation between student and teacher

Student-Can i talk to you?
Teacher-Sure sit down. What is it?
Student-Well...blah blah blah *tear tear*
Teacher-Oh im so sorry. i know that things that happen in life make you a better stronger more mature person and i believe you are one of those stronger more mature people. Always remember you can talk to me about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
Student-Thanks! You really do care dont you!!

2)i dont have an example for fuckers like this...they just suck!

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What does "a teacher" mean?

demon that works in hell

Teacher give rubbish works

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A teacher - what does it mean?

A way of getting information you don't want into your brain. (math, health, science, social academics, learning etc...etc...)

Billy was cursed by the evil witch and received 200 years of teachering.

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A teacher

basically go crazy, change that D by succing that D, and baam you got an A

Brian: Lena, I swear there’s nothing weirder than ‘National Eat Your Dog Day’

Lena: Ohhhh, wait til you hear about ‘National Give A Teacher Head Day

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A teacher

May 6th


national slap a teacher day! The day you cant slap the shit out of your least favourite teacher

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A teacher

A person who is overly obssessed or dedicated to being a "teacher's pet". They are known do everything that is in their means to acheive their goal of being a Teacher's Pet. Most people don't like or want to be a Teacher's Pet, which is a step down from a "Whale of A Teacher's Pet". These people are known to excessively (even more then a normal "Teacher's Pet") brag and kiss up to the teacher. They obsess over getting a 4.0 and may even come up with retarded nicknames for themselves, like "PowerHouse".

These type of people do not accept no for an answer. If they want extra credit, there is no other option then just giving it to them. They act all nice, but really they're jerks. They like to brag about nothing and make up stories just to make themselves look good. They can be bold at times, but when told off, they become scared and have no clue what to do. But, most the time they are just given what they want because people don't know how to react to their smugness.

Whale of a Teacher's Pet: whoa. I could get into any college I want. I deserve a 5.0, not a 4.0.

Teacher: oh,alright. I'll just take your college tuition out of my paycheck. I may have to sell my house, but I'd do anything for you.

Whale: now that sounds better. I knew you'd comply with me.

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A teacher

May 6th


National slap a teacher day! The day you get to slap the shit out of ur least fav teacher

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A teacher

when you have a smokin, hot burning, teacher that give you a boner

Ms. Smith gives me a boner everyday in my 3rd period.

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A teacher

A man or woman who takes the joys away from children and takes them out at night, to have a little fun field trip 😏 he or she uses them for his or hers pleasure. They are monsters and should be taken away to the prison they do not teach our children they rape them.

Mom: A teacher took my daughter!!! And my son but we don't care bout him😅

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