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What is a long?

While having sex with a woman, you pull out and stuff 4 to 5 acorns in here vagina. Then Run out of the room and say "See you in the spring!"

Girl 1 : "So I met this guy at a bar last night and i thought he was really cool, but when we started getting into it, my mind changed."

Girl 2 : "Why, What happend?"

Girl 1 : "I don't want to talk about it, but this is going to be a Long Winter"

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A long - what is it?

Telling someone that they had a long day can either mean actually a long day or that they have a flat ass.

Omg she had a long day

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What does "a long" mean?

Any Bollywood movie. The term comes from the fact that Bollywood movies are, for the most part, a collection of Singh's united in song and dance.

The only reason I saw that singh-a-long was for Aishwarya Rai.

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A long - what does it mean?

When, on the road, the car you are trying to pass accelerates to match your speed only to slow down after you abandon the attempt and pull back behind them.

When I saw that the driver in my rearview mirror was texting, I felt it my duty to ding-a-long him when he tried to pass.

Yes officer, I was doing 80 in a school zone, but it was only to pass that ding-a-long in the F-150!

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A long

Heavyset preteen girls that like to start drama behind your back. They usually run in packs.

Those 2 little chub-a-longs Emily and Kaylee have such pathetic lives that they have to start drama with other people to get their jollies

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A long

Is A very Long penis.
-Can be used to attack people, maybe harmful!
-Usually Used for sesso (Sex)

"He had a long one"

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A long

A girl who is hot but not pretty. Like a Long Island Iced Tea this is someone you pound in a club, but never have at dinner with the parents.

Chad: Yoooo, I hooked up with this chick Meghan last night at the club.

Brad: Lemme see her insta, bro.
Chad: Nah, just look at my phone.
Brad: Nice body, but her face is beat
Chad: I swear she looks better in person
Brad: I’d pound her in the club, but wouldn’t be caught dead with her at dinner with the parents. Bitch is a long island.

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A long

The teenagers in a high school hallway who always happen to be walking right in front of you...VERY SLOWLY. Typically when you are on your way to a major class.

Greg: Sorry, Miss Piontek! I would've made it to English class faster if I wasn't stuck behind a herd of shuff-a-longs.

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A long

When a man has his Schlong sucked dry by a woman, and or man depending of sexual preferences, his Schlong becomes and A-Long. An A-Long has more definition on the base shaft and vein.

James: I was out with Kera the other night! guess who now has an A-Long ;)
Cain: Oiiiii Semi-D bro, moved on from a schlong... Now you have an A-Long.
James: Yeah Kera took my schlong and made it into an A-Long

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A long

A long stretch of land that takes nearly 3/4 of an AKM Blade to traverse safely. Terrorists may use this route to get to A site

Terrorist 1: We should rush a long
Terrorist 2: fuck you im going b

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