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What is a girl?

An easy substitute for 'girls will be arrogant whores.'

- In the case of early-teens anyway.

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a girl - video

A girl - what is it?

the makings of a girl on girl I.E licking touching "vigerous" workout ;)
as seen in some men's magazines and Lesbian magazines see lesbian

Jimmy: omg.... DAN DO YOU SEE THAT GIRL ON GIRL action in there!?
Dan: hellz yeah

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What does "a girl" mean?

A dismissive excuse for PMS and/or bitchiness, manipulation, mind games, ludicrous shopping sprees, selfishness, and narcissism.

A: Then she stole my wallet, kicked me in the nuts, and broke up with me! ;.;
B: Alas... girls will be girls.

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A girl - what does it mean?

A girl that is the definition of what a girl wants to be around. for some what a girl wants in another girl.

that Megan is a girls girl, they all adore her

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A girl - meaning

A cliche often used by wives to husbands after their daughter has been caught screwing the high school football team.

Oh Arthur, we've all done it. Girls will be girls.

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A girl - definition

A girl who has respect for female etiquette. A girl who is not petty and strives to be ethical and decent in her dealings with her female friends.

Marie: Ashley just broke up with Josh, you should totally go for it!

Megan: Nuh-uh! Josh is totally off limits!

Marie: But you've been crushing on him for months.

Megan: So what? Ashley and I are friends. I'd totally be shitting on girl etiquette to go after her ex.

Marie: Wow Megan, you're a real girl's girl.

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A girl - slang

When two naked girls kiss rub each other's pussy's sissor and stick dildo's in each other.

Chad's Wife : I cannot believe that Chad would cheat on me I thought we were in love!
Kiersten : Yeah he is an asshole for the most part so would you like to pay him back with some Girl On Girl before he get's home?
Chad's Wife : Sure I haven't had any pleasure for quite some time!
Kiersten : Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!
Chad's Wife : Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!
Kiersten : Oh hi Chad I was just pleasuring your wife!
Chad : What The Fuck!
Chad's Wife : Yeah paybacks are a bitch!
Chad : Oh no ive been wanting a 3 way for quite some time just give me a second to get naked!
Kiersten : Sorry Chad not this time it's just Girl On Girl you can't join in silly!
Chad : But I can watch! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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A girl

two (or more) girls who are engaged in sexual activities with one another. they could be making out, rubbing licking and sucking each others tits, rubbing licking and fingering each others wet pussies, rubbing licking or sucking each others clits, fucking each other with a strap on or dildo, sharing a dildo/vibrator, or simply watching or helping each other get off. girl on girl is very erotic to watch and participate in.

the girls do not have to be, but usually are lesbians or bisexual.

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A girl

a lesbian threesome

katie, heather, and adrianna went girl on girl on girl

i had some hot girl on girl on girl action last nite ;)

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A girl

Something that is impossible to acquire for yourself even if you pour your being into trying to get one.

A girl is something guys can’t achieve if they aren’t the best

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