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What is a curry?

Nickname for someone who would swim a mile after running a half marathon after eating a french toast slugger at Denny's, whilst fighting off horny teenagers with a mighty firm beanpole all while naming their child "Beowulf".

Damn Currie, back at it again with the Instagram!

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a curry - video

A curry - what is it?

Part of an Indian cuisine which is a mix of spices. Used to flavor most things, such as lamb.

A specfic dish of food, people or person that Natalie talks about.

Referring to the race of people coming from the country of India.

For dinner, we had lamb that was covered in curry.

Today, Natalie was talking about Nikhil, the curry from our school.

There was a curry coming off a plane that departed from India that I saw while waiting in the airport.

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What does "a curry" mean?

An unsettlingly fast and ruthless witty shutdown, either physical or verbal.

Originated and used by British YouTube Star/Celebrity Chef James Currie & fellow members of SORTEDfood.

“How good are you at martial arts? If I came at you....”
*Immediately tackled to ground*
"Oh, mate, why are you rubbing your hand?"
"He absolutely Currie-d me with an arm twist and dropped me to the floor!"

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A curry - what does it mean?

Mixing indian spice in to questionable food to make it taste ten million times better than before the currying.

"Vanessa didn't like the turkey, it tasted dry. But after currying, it tasted like an indian."

"Eating babies seems wrong. But after currying them, seems right."

"In burnley they curry everything, because everything there needs currying."

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A curry - meaning

Name for any of the Indian hot spicy sauce.
See Butter Chicken.

Women: What is curry?
Man: Shut the fuck up you Bitch.

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A curry - definition

1.)a traditional blend of spices which the indian subcontinent is famous for

2.) slang for someone of indian, pakistani, bangladeshi or sri lankan backgrounds.

1.) the curry sure is very hot

2.) look at that curry

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A curry - slang

greatest food ever

dogg lets go to my crib for some curry

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A curry

someone from India or Pakistan.

you stink curry.

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A curry

A derogatory name for a person from India. Short for currymuncher.

Hey mate, come here. I wanna show you what washing powder we use in Australia?
Cos you smell curry.

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A curry

To go to an Indian restaurant with a girl and make out.

This would best be used if you ate a girl out at an Indian restaurant before after or during a meal.

To go for a curry.

I met this chick down town and we went for a curry, it was a great time but maybe i shouldn't have eaten that spicy food first.

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