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What is a cliff?

when a person begins telling you a story that drags on and on and is full of irrelevant details and not getting to the point... you can hurry things up by asking for "cliffs".

- derived from cliff notes

"Hey, hey, i dont want you life story just gimme the cliffs!"

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A cliff - what is it?

What I want to do

Bro, i wanna kms, i want to jump off a cliff

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What does "a cliff" mean?

A saying that you use if you are angry, annoyed, bothered, or they do anything to you, meaning go away, I don't like you right now

*someone is making annoying noises* "Fall off a cliff"

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A cliff - what does it mean?

A phrase or an insult meaning one of three things. One being to actually pee off a cliff, two, being to make a cliff mad, or formally to piss off, but off a cliff.

Nik: Piss off a cliff.

Andrew: What should i say to piss it off?

Christian: Why would i piss off a cliff when i can piss in a bush?

Nik: No piss off. Jump off a cliff.

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A cliff

When you are nailing a girl from behind and you drive her to the edge of the bed. This forces her to reel her arms in a reverse direction in an attempt to keep herself on the bed so as to not interupt the nailing and fall on her face.

"I was pullin a calf on a cliff last night but that bitch fell on her face and broke her nose which led to coitus interuptus."

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A cliff

what I want to do

Bro, I want to die, I want to jump off a cliff.

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A cliff

To redirect a conversation in an unexpected direction, with unfortunate consequences; similar to "pulling a clavin"

Person A: Speaking of parents, how's your mother?

Person B: She died yesterday.

Person A: Oh, my ... I didn't mean to segue off a cliff.

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A cliff

The act of fucking up all your friends relationships intentionally.

Friend A: You and Jenny still dating?
Friend B: No. Dave is an ass hole.
Friend A: Was he pulling a Cliff again?
Friend B: Yes he fucking was.

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A cliff

Used to exaggerate an action further, usually following like a fox, but appearing before with a hose. May or may not be said by one involved in the conversation.

A: You're going to jump off a cliff? That's crazy!
B: Crazy... like a fox!
C: Off a cliff!

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A cliff

A man who has loads of sex, with ANYBODY.

Tom: He has so much sex
Jimmy: He's such a cliff

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