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What is a bomb?

To cause "possible" psychological and emotional trauma. Ex. Death of family member, break up of a realionship, etc.

Sweetheart, You need to sit down. This is going to feel like "a bomb" dropping on you but I've got something to tell you.

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A bomb - what is it?

a very hard hit baseball, usually a homerun or a line drive to the outfield

Giambi just hit a bomb out to right-center.

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What does "a bomb" mean?

another way to say anal sex

I want to give her the a bomb. or...

Hey baby, I'm feeling frisky - wanna a bomb it tonight?

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A bomb - what does it mean?

strong steroid

anadrol 50 mg

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A bomb

A prank involving a hard punch in the ass while bent over. Non sexual and less invasive than a wedgie.

I asked Bob to pick up my glasses and when he bent over i A Bombed him good.

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A bomb

the combination of LSD and MDMA, taken together for synergystic effect. derived from slang for MDMA pressed pills, refered to as brooklyn bombs, and well A for acid, see candyflipping

I dropped an a bomb around 11 and by the time that kid kris was spinning at 2 am i did't know what was going on anymore, but i luved it.

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A bomb

occurs during sexual intercourse. when the male reaches ejaculation, he pulls out of the vagina and ejaculates into the belly button of the female, causing his sperm to pool. he then smacks the pool of jizz with his penis, causing it to splash onto the torso of the female. (extra points if it reaches the breasts)

dude, i was banging this slut the other night and she totally let me pull the a bomb!

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A bomb

a really hott bitch that makes you want to get all up in there. ha you sick bastards.

i want in that bomb

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A bomb

it means "alot". Popular Irish slang.

this TV costs a bomb. I got a bomb of money. I ate a bomb of cookies

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A bomb

When you rip a fart so loud, long, and vile smelling, well my friends, you have just dropped the a bomb

Oh my god it smells like my grandpas asshole after taco bell in here! Jon dont drop the a bomb again I cant fucking breath!

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