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What is a Zoe?

Zoe. Where do we begin with Zoe. Firstly she's unbelievably drop dead gorgeous. She is extremely good hearted and is really kind. She also is quite intelligent however she sometimes brags about how intelligent she actually is. Her most amazing feature is probably her smile and her hair with kind of blonde highlights on the end which is 100% natural. Her eyes are like doors. Once she allows you to come in you can see the key to her heart. Zoe either likes you or hates you and likes to be as social as possible. However she can be quite shy but once you get to know her you will have a blast. Also she is so hilarious. Zoe likes a variety of things but most importantly she loves her 5 babies in 1D. Zoe gets quite heart broken as she is very sensitive. She always wants to have a good relationship with others and always listens to their view points before judging. Most importantly Zoe want the well-being of her companion. Lastly, Zoe has traits that other girls would kill for. She has a great sense of style. She also has a fit body which is more that able to model. She is very artistic and talented which loads of creative viewpoints. Zoe is simply perfect. Everyone would die to have, meet, see, or befriend a Zoe. One rare stunning creature she is!

She's just Zoe.
Anyone who meets, dates, befriends a Zoe is so lucky.

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A Zoe - what is it?

Zoe is usually an anxious girl who is kind, beautiful, and very intelligent. She is quiet, but very gifted. Get to know her, and you'll have the time of your life. Zoe and hate don't belong in the same sentence. She is fragile and tries to hide it. She loves to be in control, and loves music and is very athletic. She usually compares herself to people better then her and she ends up hating herself. She loves Science and Math, and tries to solve complicated problems.

Did you hear about Zoe? She didn't make it into GT. Crazy, right? She's the only kid in the grade to get a 100 in three core classes! Plus, she's first chair!

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What does "a Zoe" mean?

A most commonly female name that stems from a Greek word meaning life. Zoe's eyes tend to sparkle like the moon on smooth seas. Their brunet hair flows over their shoulders like a river rushing over a cliff. Zoe's are the most calm and subtle, yet feisty people you will meet. They are beautiful.

Friend: Look at that girl.
Me: What about her?
Friend: She's a Zoe.

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A Zoe - what does it mean?

The most beautiful girl in the world. I cannot believe how beautiful she is. Zoe is the most caring, funniest, craziest girl ever. Theres absolutely no way that she cant be bested. If a guy can get his hands on her, he better keep her and treat her right...or else her best friend will come and beat him up.♥

Zoe...just plainly amazing.

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A Zoe

Zoe means life.

Life of the party. She may seem strong and happy on the outside sometimes but other times there is hurt in her heart that she won't let out.

Always entertains. Always loves. Never hates. Crazy with rockin style. Very original.

She may seem fearless but when it comes to her crush, there are over a hundred butterflies in her stomach.

Zoe: Oh Yeah..SORRY CLOUD! <3 you :)
Friend: haha your always so funny! :)

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A Zoe

Zoe: a Greek name, Greek like the goddesses who were beautiful if you know what I'm getting at ;) a beautiful, pretty, gourgeous girl, who is fun to talk to and be around. Zoe is usually very cute aswell ;) She always has a lovely smile. She is an awesome girl, always has something to talk about and never dry, and is known to make up words (like Zoe'er, which means prettier). Zoe loves to be complimented, and it's very hard to come accross a girl like Zoe. Overall she is one of the nicest girls you can find, and you're one lucky fella if you do find her ;)

''Zoe you get Zoe'er everytime I see you;)''

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A Zoe

May 6 is when u can officially slap a zoe (hatian) and they cannot do nothing back but take the hit

Me: What's today date??
Boy: May 6

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A Zoe

1. Being an absolute bitch ... on facebook.
2. Being a complete ignorant cow ... in general.
3. Texting you - about jack shit, all the time.

Stop being a Zoe! You cow.

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A Zoe

When you spam a whole ton of unnecessary things on your Snapchat story.

Yo bro, I can’t believe you just pulled a Zoe.”

“I’m going to pull a Zoe.”

“Sorry if I pulled a Zoe last night.”

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A Zoe

stuffing your face with whatever food you can find. passers-by may think that the person doing a zoe hasn't eaten for days judging by what they've just witnessed.

girl a: stop doing a zoe bruv, i need that food for the party later.

girl b: PAR!

girl c (doing a zoe): sorry..

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