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What is You need?

The words uttered by any person in the process of shoving a tablet, smart phone, or any other video or photo transmitting device in your face. Sometimes it's interesting and inappropriate, but usually in a workplace environment it's the same boring pics of a coworker's kids or grandkids doing typical and predictable kids or grandkids foolishness.

(While pushing an IPad into your face zone) "Dude, you need to see this."

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You need - video

You need - what is it?

a phrase which questions ones mental capacity and/or sobriety. synonomous to "you're retarded." or "you're wasted."

person 1: "is the reason ground beef brown because it comes from the ground?"
person 2: "you need a helmet."

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What does "You need" mean?

The voices in your head are going to get you into a lot of trouble
You would be doing yourself great favor if you seriously sought help
I am not kidding or being nasty. I am being truthful and honest
How can you continue living like this?
Your quality of life is close to zero
You once told me something. That sometimes happiness is pain. I am not sure if you remember that but i do. But I just didn't realize how twisted your mind is

I didn't realise you actually meant what you said
I didn't realize you meant that not only do you gain pleasure out of your own unhappiness but you are infinitely more happy when you inflict pain on others.

that is not normal. Instead of allowing yourself to destroy elements remaining of you whilst slandering everyone around you, why don't you just seek help instead of accommodating your ill mental health. And not only that but lying and projecting your own mental insanity on others so you can deny and hide your rueful secret to protect your identity ans self image?

You're sick individual. And that one day when we sat I class giving an overview of our thesis, I wanted nothing to do but to punch your face for all your lies and falsehoods. I wanted to do nothing more than to reveal to everyone the person you really are.
but then I held back because I realised, thats not my job - thats God's job

You need help. Get help. You're delusional and should NOT be a psychologist

- the flautist

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You need - what does it mean?

When someone in your squad is cutting the fool, or says something perverted as fuck that makes you laugh.

"Lord, that punannie was so tight, I thought she was underage!"

"You know you need Jesus, right?"

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You need - meaning

A phrase often used in an attempt to convince someone to seek out psychiatric care or psychological treatment. An expression of concern for someone with a mental illness that drastically reduces their quality of life.

I'm worried about you.

I've been looking at psychiatrists in our area, and I've found a couple good ones for you to talk to. With what you've been going through, it's clear. You need help, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not angry with you, and you're not in trouble.

Please don't blame yourself.
You didn't do anything wrong.
This is not your fault. Okay?

I just can't bear to watch you suffer like this. I feel powerless seeing you pain while not being able to do anything. I don't know how to help you and you don't know how to help yourself.

But that's okay.

I know you want to be strong, but you need to realize you can't do this on your own. There's no shame in that. You need to get some help. I'm not saying this to insult you or to be nasty, but because I care about you. I want you to get better, I wish I could just snap my fingers and make it all go away but life doesn't work like that.

You need help, I need you to realize that.

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You need - definition

Its the act of telling someone they need a whole lotta help; referring to people who are way past the point of return

Bethany: I have a foot fetish
Mike: You need Jesus!
Bethany: OMG I know

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You need - slang

Phrase used to convey the idea that a person's words or actions are of questionable morality or virtue.

Dude: Man, I should SO kill that hooker right now.
Dude2: You need Jesus.

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You need

What some website domains say when they're

A: for sale

B: the website is down

"I think I'm gonna go to *******.com, that's one of my favorite sites!"

Computer: *******.com: What you need, when you need it


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You need

if you need it you must get it from a giver to not need it anymore. Also a giver must tell you wether you need it or not you do not have any authority to say whether you need it or not. also you must be over a 6 in hottness to need it.

holy shit you need it you really fuking need it

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You need

A low key way for asking some one if tgey need drugs wothout asking directly.

Dealer: you need?
Buyer: ye bro what you got

Dealer: what you need

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