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What is You got that?

1. Derived from the original catch phrase, "You got this in the bag," but used in a sarcastic manner to imply the opposite where you in fact DONT have this is the bag.

2. Often used to describe a state of being in which one is under the influence of drugs/alcohol to a point of complete oblivion.

Dan, you just took 80 bong hits. You GOT it.

Chris only slept for 3 hours this entire week, he's got it.

Elliot Spitzer was caught soliciting prostitution. He, as well as his career's got it.

I have to take a final tomorrow that's 4 hours long, short answer and essay questions and I didn't study anything. I GOT this test.

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You got that - video

You got that - what is it?

Asking for something from your, chronic or a video game.

"...what's up dawg, you got that?"

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What does "You got that" mean?

Do you understand (that)?

Don't encourage the trolls! You got that?

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You got that - what does it mean?

This annoying statement has got me baffled! Twice I've been responded to after make a post about what ever was on my mind, with 'you got this'. I wasn't posting pictures of herpes either.

I'm really pleased with the new headphones I was given.
You got this
I'm really getting upset with my rude neighbour.
You got this
I didn't get a pay rise this year.
You got this

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You got that - meaning

Shhh Stop asking questions you're more than capable of doing this.

"How do I do this incredibly simple task that I don't really need any help with at all?"

"You got this." (You will figure it out)

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You got that - definition

"you got it," means "that's it, exactly."

It's used while playing Charades, to let your team members know that the letter, word, or phrase you just said is what you were acting out. You team members are expected to remember that correct piece of the puzzle as they continue to guess the entire answer.

- Slicer: "Regarding #4, this is not supported by any jquery plugins I know right now. I will keep looking for one that supports this exact functionality"

- Me: "
Don't worry about this #4 issue, my developers will take care of it. Please focus on the rest of the bullet points"

- Slicer: "You got it, should have an update for you tomorrow"

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You got that - slang

To let go of a situation or person

Girl : I’m sorry I didn’t even cheat on you

Boy: fuck that . You got it , I’m done with this

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You got that

Form of encouragement. Emphasises ambitious success to recipient. Often followed by a flexed muscle emoji, or multiple to adhere to the power of the statement.

Friend 1: I'm worried about my exam tomorrow.
Friend 2: Nah mate, you got this!💪
Friend 1: Thanks!

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You got that

1. I agree

2 I will give you what you requested

You got it. There are many things that don't quite add up in this report.

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You got that

You're welcome

Guy 1: Thanks for the big mac, dude.
Guy 2: You got it

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