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What is You are my favorite?

awesomely great person who is waaayyyy better than others. first to hear all stories especially those that have to do with ones mental well-being. they are lurved greatly.

Favorite knows everything about creepers.

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You are my favorite - what is it?

A term of endearment applied to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or good friend. Instead of ‘honey’ or ‘sweetie’ they are your favorite, favorite meaning most wanted or desired.

Efrem may be mean, but he's still my favorite.

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What does "You are my favorite" mean?

favoritism is what the people here at urban dictionary use..they let u put hate definitions on people they dont like but if u like a rapper or a band they dont like and try to define them in a positive way they will deny ur definition becuz the people who work here are self centered ass holes who need to get a real job
go f yourselves urban dictionary

have u putten any definitions of lil wayne your favorite rapper on urban dictionary?
no they have favoritism and dont like him so they wont let me oh and i believe its called urban dicktionary

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You are my favorite - what does it mean?

To troll someone in a very annoying way then u say noyanot

Person 1: Dude, im going out tonight!

Persion 2: Are you?

Person 1: Yes I am!

Person 2: Noyanot

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You are my favorite

The closed-door process by which Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg chooses its employees.

I was more qualified for the job but the hiring committee instituted favoritism and hired a grossly unqualified candidate from within the University.

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You are my favorite

spoken with emphasis on the "you"

is the lowest form of comeback to an insult, usually, but when used correctly (e.g. out of context) it becomes one of the funniest and most classy calls

usual context:
bully "you are so fat, look at you, fatty fatty boom boom"
kid "you are"

used correctly:

Jason "this office is a bit sterile without a radio"
Brendan "YOU are"

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You are my favorite

to favor one person or object over another.

John:"My parents always favoritize my sister over me."
Millie:"Aww man that just sucks!"

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You are my favorite

When two people do the same thing, but one gets away with it and the other one doesn't. The one that gets away with it is in the favoritism click, and the one that does not is not in the click.

Bobby threw a book at the boss, and everyone laughed including the boss. Then, Betty thought this was funny so she threw her book at the boss, and everyone looked appauled, and the boss fired her.

"Hey - let's go get some lunch guys."
"No thanks Rick. You are not in our click.
You're wife is a Chinese woman who owns an American cheeseburger stand, and we don't like you. You're elevator may go all the way to the top, but your taste in woman lies somewhere between a grilled cheese dipped in cement and a chocolate covered radish. We reserve the right to execute favoritism, and its not in your favor."

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You are my favorite

You <3

"You're my favorite."

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You are my favorite

Payments talk for you are bloody average but it feels like you need a pep talk today

You are my favorite agent,
All my favorites are working tonight

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