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What is Yori Saneyoshi?

A manga Book About Two Young People Who were in love when they were very little and then they were sepreated becaue the boy ran away and was disowned by his family. the girl never forgot im and when she was old enough she sought him out and found him and then they started there life together.

i love AI YORI AOSHI . its one of my favorite mangas.

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Yori Saneyoshi - what is it?

a quote from a little grin wart named Spanky McBelltodge De Cheese

oh DEAR, look at that huge GRIN

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What does "Yori Saneyoshi" mean?

some one who plays yu-gi-oh all day

hey lets go to a party, don't be a yorie

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Yori Saneyoshi - what does it mean?

Japanese name, meaning reliable. Or rely. A name normally used for males.

Yori’s Name really suits himself.

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Yori Saneyoshi

Yorielis is a girl who usually is very shy she's a sweet heart but also cold hearted because they have been played also she's very funny Yorielis usually refers to a hispanic with dark hair and eyes most likely very beautiful they usually bring the best out in people so don't take them for granted you will regret it

person 1: yo yorielis is such a sweet heart
person 2: she can also be an ass dude

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Yori Saneyoshi

1) Ancient Japanese translation for “sexy beast”.

2) A word used to describe a confident, intelligent, attractive male who is straight but commonly hit on by guys. Part of the notorious Wolf Clan Ninjas he has mastered the ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time and is well endowed. He never travels without his munchkin sidekick while embarking on the mystical journey of becoming the ultimate guru for der sterblicher Geist. When you’re with him he makes you smile, when you’re not, rest assured he is making another girl smile.

Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was a Yori.
Girl 2: Then you would never leave the bedroom.

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Yori Saneyoshi

The mysterious, stoic Asian woman who sits courtside at all Los Angeles Lakers home games four seats away from Jack Nicholson. She can always be seen on camera, and rarely claps or shows any type of emotion whatsoever.

Andy: Who is the Asian woman at all the Laker games? She sits a few seats away from Jack Nicholson.

Brian: That's 'Yori Saneyoshi.' Has been coming to Lakers games since the Showtime era but nobody knows a thing about her.

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