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What is YoST?

to throw up

Man, I took so many shots of gin last night, I was Yosting for hours!

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YoST - what is it?

Just the past tense of yeast.

You: Yeasted.
me, an intellectual: Yoste.

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What does "YoST" mean?

v. When you run into your friends car that's parked in someone else's driveway.

Did you just yost my fucking car you stupid fuck!

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YoST - what does it mean?

The act of getting screwed over.

Damn you got yosted!

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YoST - meaning

not being sober

You can get with that girl easy, cause she's yosted.

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YoST - definition

the act of being the ill loiterer and chill hard wherever you are

chelsea: hey guys whatcha doin?
adam: nothin much. just yostin'

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YoST - slang

Somewhat like the word "Posted" which can translate to "not available" Yosted simply means somewhere but available and down to chill.

"Where you at?"

"At my Pad Yosted looking for something to do."

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Verb:1. The act of beating up someone and leaving them with a black eye
2. The act of getting beat up by someone and being left with a black eye

1. A bully yosting another kid.
2. “Did you see when they yosted that kid!

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To be the life of the party every where you walk. Knowing you are cooler then any other human living on planet Earth.
To be really good at the English language.
To be a teacher that rocks every students world.

Lets go be a yost!

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A well-intentioned fuck-up due to stubborn reliance on truthiness.

Harvey yosted his chance at...

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