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What is Yes I?

1 No answer really or 2 .the start of a possible lie. 3. Fear of saying no. 4. Fear of giving the wrong answer. 5 Funny goofy way to avoid the real question.

Did you see anyone you know at the party? Yes-know-i-don't-know

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Yes I - what is it?

its when your'e pissed off at your girlfriend for everything that she has done to you

Girl: Did you do your homework?
Boy: Yes I did Bitch

Girl: Go fuck off

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What does "Yes I" mean?

Used as a comment reply on facebook (or other social media) as a response to a severely female-oriented action by a male.

Statements or facebook statuses that require this comment are generally made by males seeking the attention and approval of females. They believe this will increase their MRP (Marital Relationship Potential). This type of behaviour is known to work among certain female crowds but the cost is alienation from the genuine male community.

Man craving attention: Look at this picture of my baby cousin, he is soooo cute. I miss him soo much, he likes me sooo much xxx

Girls: Aww he's sooo cute. Looks exactly like you xx

Real man: Yes. I will marry you.

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Yes I - what does it mean?

A burger with cayenne pepper!

"Hey Bob, what's the burger of the day?" "It's the Yes I Cayenne burger! It comes with cayenne pepper!"

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Yes I - meaning

Retaliatory remark to "oh no you di'int". Of Canadian origin. Derivation of the phrases "suck on that" and "I went there". The apostrophe is used to separate the word "did" into two syllables.

Jack: "Yo mama's so fat when I poked her belly gravy came out"

Jill: "Oh no you DI'INT"

Jack: "Oh yes i di'id"

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Yes I - definition

A name for Mamamoo's song

Solar:Follow me E Ae Ae
??:Yes I am

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Yes I - slang

The request for something, but usually ends up in a bizzare response from one's perspective.

Can I go to the mall?
Response: Yes you can't

Can you go to the party this weekend?

Response: Yes I can't

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Yes I

Is a positive answer to a negative question

taking simply mathematical principals, two positives make a positive, two negatives makes a positive, so a negative combined with a positive leaves a negative.

so a question like, "can't you fix that computer?" requires the response, "Yes I can't" if indeed, you cannot do so, but "no, I can" if you are able to.

simple really

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Yes I

A JoJo reference.

Polnareff: Mohammed Avdol!

Avdol: Yes, I am!

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Yes I

A person who superficially affects the perceived mannerisms of a Jamaican Rastafarian, despite having no connection to either Jamaica or the tenets of Rasta life.

"That yes-I with the dirty stringy dreads talks phony patois to everyone, even though he hasn't been within a thousand miles of Jamaica"

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