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What is Yeh mate?

1. sign of approval

2. annoying word to yell at unsuspecting pedestrians

3. word used to scare people when in a silent environment

1. "dude, can i borrow this cheese-wheel?"

2. "Excuse me.....YEH!!!"


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Yeh mate - what is it?

Only those who are so unoriginal that they try to invent yet another way to avoid typing the fourth letter of yeah, when they could easily just type ya if they're that lazy...

welp I'm busy busy, gtg, YEH!

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What does "Yeh mate" mean?

To agree with someone. A shortening of the word 'Yeah'.

Crashoveride: did you ever look up dragonforce when i told you to way long ago?

Shadowface696: Yeh. I suppose I did..

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Yeh mate - what does it mean?

An unenthusiastic way of saying yes, a half-hearted yes.

A combination of the word "yeah" and "meh" making it kind of a yes.

Guy 1: Isn't she so fucking hot???

Guy 2: Yeh, I guess, she's kinda chunky

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Yeh mate

YEH is the more exciting version of yeah and it's spelled incorrectly on purpose.

It can be used for answering a yes or no question and also to answer an open ended question without answering it directly.

Brian: This Thursday, you free?
Sam: YEH

Bob: Hey what were you doing last night?
Trish: YEH
Bob: ....I see

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Yeh mate

acknowlegement; yes; afirmitive

Q: did you go to da sto?
A: yeh


fuck yeh!

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Yeh mate

A variant of "yeah" used only by those badass enough to handle the majesty of these 3 letters. Sounds much less serious and more casual than "yeah". Could also be written as "ye" but that can quickly be misspelled as "yee"

Person 1: Hey I'm setting up a party on Ps4 I've got some of my other buds in it, you wanna join? I can send the invite.

Person 2: Yeh sure send that shit yo

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Yeh mate

Way of saying yeah which is a lazy person for of yes. Slightly bored tone.

Evan: Are you gonna go to school tomorrow?
Lindsay: Yeh

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Yeh mate

The irritating phrase repeated relentlessly by an individual who has blatantly asked you for advice or a demonstration on a given subject and proceeds then to dismiss everything you tell them (often cutting you off mid-sentence) in a feeble attempt at not appearing as unknowledgeable as you clearly know them to be; thus culminating with said individual's arrogance preventing them from gleaning any information from you whatsoever.

You: So Andrew, to begin with we need to engage stage B...

Andrew: Yeh, yeh, yeh!

You: ...then move on to instigate phase...

Andrew: Yeh, yeh, yeh!

You: ...two of the...

Andrew: Yeh, yeh, yeh!

You: ...process. *Sighs*

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Yeh mate

is basicaly muggin sum1 off when they drop a late joke or say sumtin sily

(person1) y did da rabbit cross da road
(person2) errrrrrrr Yeh Mate!!!

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