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What is Ya?

A woman's vaginal area, consisting of all the parts of the vagina.

I had to go to the ya ya doctor today for my annual pap.

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Ya - what is it?

well my great great grandmother was called Ya Ya after her grandmother.. a slave..
it is a word from the Yoruban tribe of Africa
one definition is divine
there is no need to {negate} or {disrespect} a name or word from our lost culture out of ignorance

Ya-Ya loved to tell us stories of the old days, unknowingly we were participants in an age old tradition.

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What does "Ya" mean?

When you over promise someone something by saying ya ya to everything they ask and not following through with it. Usually said by Europeans.

Donnie, can I have free floor mats? Ya Ya of course you can, I promise you I will get them for you.

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Ya - what does it mean?

From the 1945 Cajun book "Gumbo Ya Ya" meaning everyone talking all at once.

In the kitchen all you heard was ya ya.

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Ya - meaning

Something stupid ass people use when they're too lazy to type "yeah" or they use it when they're mad at you

"Hey are you fucking my mom tonight"

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Ya - definition

Ya, the word losers and people who can't spell use. It is actually spelt YEAH. Get it right.

Ya, is Also used to scare the heck out of bois. Or to Frend Zone someone

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Ya - slang

A word most koreans use to get your attention or to get mad at you

Ya, Get back to work
ya, you over there

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An English or English sounding Scottish Prep who attends a private boarding school.
Guys- Usually has fair hair, (eg. prince William & Harry) Plays rugby,
Girls- Long Fair hair ,When it is tied up looks like it only took two minuites but took likr an hour, denim mini skirts with hunter wellies and Ralph lauren polo shirts with the collars up!

Tom - Hey Jools fancy a game of rugby?!
Jools- Ya!

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A woman's way of saying yes and she does not care. Stop talking to her or about it.

Friend: I went to the Browns game yesterday, it was a disaster.

Girl: Ya

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Another word for " your"

Don't let them bully her, man!
You gotta help ya sister!

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