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What is Y'all?

contraction for you-all

what is going on with y'all?

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Y'all - what is it?

A saying commonly overused by people of the southern areas of the United States Of America. The saying was originated back in 1863 by a man of the name John Joseph Jingleheimer who was a slave owner. He used the phrase when 10 of his slaves were running away. He shouted at them, "Hey, y'all better get back here!" What he meant to say was, "Hey, all of you get back here!" Now this is why the Southern People of the U.S use the phrase Y'all instead of you all.

Y'all want to go get some icecream?

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What does "Y'all" mean?

Translates to you all. People think it's cool to say but it really makes them sound like uneducated niggers. Hey, I guess that's the American way though since the younger generations are so fuckin stupid. Everytime I hear it I point and laugh at the dumbass monkey who spewed it from its mouth.

Hey y'all, I'm a nigger y'all.

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Y'all - what does it mean?

contraction for you all.
Also shouts out to the world that your a fucking cunt when you say this.

Hey y'all, Just wanted you to know im an imbred wank stain.

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Y'all - meaning

Associated with U.S. southern dialect when addressing a group or more than a single person. However, increasingly used as an informal, softended singular pronoun well - "Y'all come back now." as opposed to - "Hey come back here!"

Also increasingly used as a gender neutral alternative to "guys" - Hey y'all, when are we gonna leave? Y'all wanna get some food?

Y'all come back now

Y'all wanna get some food?

How Y'all doin?

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Y'all - definition

Hicks 'slang' for "You" and "All"

"Y'all gunna get shawt if'n you dunt geh awff my popertey"

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Y'all - slang

A word that can only be used by people who are Texas residents, and no one else. It's not a meme, it's just a fucking word. People who use y'all and live in England, you are not trying to be funny, you are just being assholes who hold cups of tea like douches. Yes, that's right, I just called out England, so what? Also, if you don't know what Texas is, then you Google it.

British douche-bag on the streets of Austin: Why do y'all like Iced tea so much. Y'all should have warm tea as a norm.
Every Texas resident dead and alive: ....

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A word used to describe a group of people, of any size ranging from 2 to infinity, in the Southern U.S. and some Northern and Western States.

John: Hey Billy, wanna come to the Tim McGraw concert with me an Cletus
Billy: Nah. Y'all have fun though

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A combination of "You" and "All." This commonly refers to a large group of people.

Girl 1 and group: We're going to kick your ass, b*tch"
Girl 2: Y'all ain't nothing but talk!

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Y'all is a Southern-Created contraction of, "You," and, "All." Often misspelled, "Ya'll," which is so plainly uncorrect. The 'a' isn't a part of 'you'! I mean, that's like, 'i'ts' the 'T' being a part of 'is'!

Y'all come back now, y'hear!

Haven't y'all clicked the link to my name yet to see my other definitions?!

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