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What is Wrestler?

not boxers but the other white brief

Carl preferred wearing wrestlers to boxers ....or depends.

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Wrestler - what is it?

An androgynous attention-seeker whose intelligence doesn't exceed beyond the kindergarten level. Often times, wrestlers will 'jack' themselves up on steroids and amphetamines to become tough(-ish), causing their genitalia shrink to unsatisfactory sizes. However, this does not prevent them from grabbing and touching other wrestlers' genitalia or having their own touched by those same wrestlers. Perhaps, in knowing of the other wrestler's shrinkage, and thus lack of a satisfactory sex life, they engage in genitalia grabbing, so as to sexually sooth each other. This is debatable, however, as they may already be predisposed to homosexuality, thus explaining their aggrandized androgyny.

Person A: Dude, did you see that hairless bi grab that other hairless bi's junk? They're totally fucking homo.

Person B: No, they're 'wrestlers' and they're wrestling.

Person A: Oh, so is that what they're calling it these days? Call it what you want, bro, but they seem to me like a bunch of butt pirates, glorifying the simulation of mutual masturbation.

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What does "Wrestler" mean?

A meathead who thinks he is tough, but really is a pussy in spandex that likes getting close with other men's junk. They give each other diseases like herpes and if ever in a real fist fuight, they would get the shit kicked out of them. They are people who act like idiots to get attention and are ignorant assholes. they typically have little friends, and think very high of themselves. They complain about loosing weight and yet they don't relieze every other sport is the same.

"yo i kicked the shit outta a wrestler today."

"really? aren't they tough?"

"no they actually cant hit for shit...they think they are strong but they are just pussies in spandex."

"well that figures, i mean wreslters do like getting close with other men"

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Wrestler - what does it mean?

A Worker who works, over 300 days a year and who brings excitment to the world.

The Hurricane

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Wrestler - meaning

A guy OR GIRL who pushes themselves to the breaking point either all season or all year just for a few 6 minute matches.

Guy1: did you see that guy? He must be a wrestler.

Girl1: I am a wrestler. Stop being so sexist about it.

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Wrestler - definition

one who trains like a maniac to have the power to force his opponents body into the shape of a pretezel and gentley pen him into a soft mat where his mommy can tuck him in

we Wrestlers train 3 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days of the year for a 6 min match... you think u can handle it?!

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Wrestler - slang

Is composed of pure mental and physical strength beyond all others. trained in the most basic and raw form of fighting and has the determination and courage to achieve the "impossible".

Jake Herbert- folkstyle wrestler

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Something some people spend a few years learning, and a life time appriciating. Most people refer to it as a "gay" sport for men to rub against each other. But find that if they indeed wrestled themselves, they would appriciate it so much more if it was in their life, no matter how much they hated it, or liked it.

The wrestler won the State Championship 2 years in a row, and would always remember it.

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a badass mutherfucker who can kick ass and pushes himself to the limits of the physical and mental world.

hes been wrestling in this tournament and he broke his nose collar bone , hes tired, sore and his g/f just broke up with him. but he just got 1st place so fuck off bitch

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The last person you want to mess with in high school. Mistakenly taken as a homo because ALL the football, and basketball players a too pussy to actually fight them so in order to save their asses they post stupid shit on the internet to try to degrade them. Wrestlers are really loyal to their friends, especially their girlfriends. They will participate in any match or tournament even if they are ill or injured.

Guy #1: See that homo over there?
Guy #2: He's a wrestler...mad gay
Girl: Thats my two are dead...
*Next Day*
Loud speaker: Guy #1 and Guy #2 had been found dead after insulting a wrestler. Both of them were beaten into a coma.

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